Bruins Play as Well as Menino Speaks

Mayor Menino

Menino's "Ionic" Speech Is One For The Records

We all enjoyed our resident Mayor Mumbles’ speech dedicating the Bobby Orr statue.

I just wish the Bruins’ play last night was as “Ionic” as “Varitek splitting the uprights”.

The Bruins had their chance to clinch the series last night and give themselves rest for what is sure to be a difficult match-up next (being either Montreal or Pitt.)  They came out flat and never really showed interest in playing hard.  The only one that seemed to show emotion was Tuukka ,and his emotion, frustration.  I don’t think anyone can really blame Tuukka for being frustrated with what the Bruins called offense last night.  The Flyers lost Brian Boucher to injury and had a shot at Michael Leighton who had been out for the last 21 games with a high ankle injury.

Tuukka certainly didn’t put up his best performance last night giving up 4 goals, but he can’t be expected to do much without any defensive support.  The crease was constantly full of Flyers and the D was anywhere but the Garden last night.  There were certainly some nonsense penalties last night that seemed to favor the Flyers but the Bruins still have no excuse.  They had 22 minutes of penalties to Philadelphia’s 8.  You just can’t expect to win a game when you’re down a man for THAT long.

I have heard talk that the Bruins should bench Tuukka for Game 6 and give it to Timmy Thomas.  I think Tim Thomas is a great goaltender but I really don’t think that’s the move.  Tuukka should have been pulled for the third period last night in hopes that it might spark something and get some momentum started up to go into game 6.  I think benching him for game 6 is going to be too much of a shot to his ego, and he won’t be able to recover for game 7.

The Bruins have got to make some big changes on both sides of the puck tomorrow night if they hope to win.  If they don’t win tomorrow, it’s going to be tough to come back.

In game 6 (and 7 if it comes to it) my prediction is that if they take a lead by the end of the 1st period, the game is theirs.  If not, they’ll lose it.

Do or die boys.

For those of you that missed Mayor Mumbles’ speech:

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