Patriots Take Win Over Colts – Week 11 Recap

FOXBORO – The Patriots won the toss last night and deferred to the Colts who took their first penalty of the game on the first play of the game.  This didn’t seem to shake Peyton as he took his no huddle offense 57 yards up the field on 7 plays.  What was looking more and more to be a scoring drive was quickly reversed as Brandon Meriweather picked a pass intended for Blair White and ran it back 39 yards and set up a 4 play drive that ended in a 22 yard TD pass from Brady to Wes Welker.  The Pats forced the Colts to punt on their next drive and came back for another TD pass, this time to Hernandez (who despite a diminished role last week seems to be back in the game-plan full-time).  With the Pats taking a 14-0 lead the Colts finally responded with a short TD pass to Gijon Robinson.  A TD run by Green-Ellis and a TD grab by Reggie Wayne would finish out the first half and leave the score 21-14 New England heading into the half.

The Patriots couldn’t do anything with their first drive after the half and were forced to punt, but held the Colts and got the ball back leading to a Danny Woodhead rushing TD.   McCourty made a pick on the Colts next drive and set the Patriots up for a drive that ended in a 25 yard Field Goal by Shayne Graham.  31-14 New England with just over 10 minutes left in the 4th… nothing to worry about right?

WRONG.  Manning may go down but he never seems to be out, even with a banged up set of weapons he managed to pull of two more TD passes to Blair White to bring Indy back within a field goal with 5 minutes left on the clock.  The Pats were held off on their next drive and Manning got the ball back with just over 2 minutes left.  He seemed to be on fire bringing the ball up to the Pats’ 39 yard line with a minute left, just out of field-goal range for Vinatieri.  With the ‘W’ quickly slipping away Pats fans watched as Manning threw the ball down the sideline toward Jacob Tamme and Pierre Garcon.  Enter James Sanders, the hero of the game.  Sanders grabbed the ball out of the air and ended the Colt’s dreams of a comeback victory.

This match-up proves to be one of the most exciting match-ups time and time again.  This is the pre-super bowl.  Out of the last 10 times the teams have met you may be able to call 2 of their games less than exciting.  Let’s be glad that the Pats came away with the ‘W’ on this one.

The Patriots will be up against Detroit on Thursday.  This is going to be a touch match-up with the short week and coming after a tough game.  The Patriots also have the Jets after Detroit and may start prepping for them this week.  Don’t be surprised to see the Patriots become Lion’s meat this week, if they do I see it as a good sign for the Jets game.  I’d rather have them drop one to Detroit than New York (New Jersey) anyway.

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