Patriots Embarrass Jets on Monday Night

FOXBORO – The Jets were a no-show on Monday night. Forget delayed, their flight to victory was cancelled before they even had a chance to pack a bag. This game was an absolute joy to watch as a Pats fan. We all love watching close games, and generally blow-outs can get extremely boring… except this one.

After all of their trash talking the Jets put up their most embarrassing outing yet. There aren’t really any words to explain their performance. Safety Eric Smith probably put it best “It’s embarrassing, we take pride in our defense not letting teams score. To let a team score 45 on you it’s embarrassing.”

Just a quick recap here on this one guys. Here’s the breakdown.

Passing CP/AT Yards TD INT
Tom Brady 21/29 326 4 0
Mark Sanchez 17/33 164 0 3
Rushing Carries Yards TD Longest
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 18 72 2 13
Shonn Greene 13 64 0 13
LaDanian Tomlinson 10 47 0 14
Mark Sanchez 4 20 0 11
Danny Woodhead 2 11 0 7
Receiving Receptions Yards TD Longest
Danny Woodhead 4 104 0 50
Wes Welker 7 80 1 18
Santonio Holmes 7 72 0 22
Deion Branch 3 64 1 25
Aaron Hernandez 3 51 1 35
Brandon Tate 1 4 1 4

Even without the rushing and receiving stats it’s pretty obvious that this one was lopsided, but they certainly illustrate just how dominating the Patriots were on both sides of the ball.

To all my friends that are Jets fans… Enjoy your humble pie…

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