NFL Rumors: Could New England Patriots Sign Randy Moss?

Randy Moss will not be returning to the San Francisco 49ers in 2013, although the embattled wide receiver still says he has enough left in his tank to help a Super Bowl contender. Moss insists he is content to retire – for good, this time – if an opportunity to win that elusive championship does not present itself. But, if a team wants an aging wide receiver who may still complain a little bit behind the scenes about not seeing enough passes thrown his way, Moss will still provide his services for one more season. The question is, could the New England Patriots be tempted at a Moss reunion for one more run at a Super Bowl?

It is certainly not out of the question. Just don’t call it a comeback.

Not quite yet, at least.

Moss thanked the 49ers for the opportunity, who decided to part ways after just one season. Moss did not light it up in terms of statistics, however, the 49ers were never really a passing team. They got much more offensive once Collin Kaepernick took over for the injured Alex Smith, but Michael Crabtree immediately became Kaepernick’s No. 1 target. Moss was more of an afterthought.

Admittedly, Moss is no longer a top option. He is not a No. 2 option either. For that matter, Moss is probably best suited as a third wide receiver or a player who comes in during four wide out sets. That being said, I am not sure that he could still not have a decent impact, given the right scenario.

The Patriots would be one of those few scenarios which could fit both sides.

Moss needs a talented quarterback. Tom Brady still fits that mold. He also needs a strong coach who makes it clear that anything less than complete professionalism will not be tolerated. Bill Belichick makes that clear on a daily basis. Moss also needs a team with a solid offense and a chance to compete for a Super Bowl championship right now. While they have come close over the past four or five seasons, signing a couple of more high impact players and drafting a few defensive players could be just enough to finally push the Patriots over that edge.

Reports and rumors indicate that the Patriots are very close to finalizing a deal that will keep Wes Welker in New England for two or three more years. Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are both expected to make full recoveries this offseason and begin the 2013 NFL season healthy. New England is considering cutting Brandon Lloyd, who had a difficult time fitting in with the Patriots, despite his strong ties in the past with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. New England could cut Lloyd and use part of that salary cap space to sign Moss for one more season.

I could think of worse ways to go into the 2013 season.


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