Stanley Cup: This Boston Writer Would Like To Thank Chicago Blackhawks For Truly Classy Gesture

The Chicago Blackhawks are the 2013 Stanley Cup champions, having staged an improbable comeback late in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals on the road against the Boston Bruins. In what can only be described as a difficult past two months for everyone in and around the city of Boston, seeing the Bruins hoist the Stanley Cup for the second time in the past three years would have been not only joyous, but quite the pleasant distraction from everyday life. Starting with the Boston Marathon Bombings and culminating in the Aaron Hernandez saga, it has been a tumultuous stretch for sports fans and citizens alike throughout New England. Not to say that these are not trying times for so many Americans right now but, living 20 minutes outside of Boston, for reasons that are right or wrong, these events hit home to people like us more than others. So, seeing the Bruins win the Cup last week would have helped aid in the healing and moving on process.

But, in the end, it was not meant to be. The Blackhawks shocked all of Boston by scoring two late third period goals within 17 seconds to erase the hope of a Game 7 in Chicago to settle who was the best in the NHL in a strike-shortened season. With more late game heroics, the Blackhawks erased all doubt.

They are the best, and they deserve the cup. After all, to the victors go the spoils, right?

Normally, and I say this because I have seen it from first hand experience, sports fans are extremely bitter against the opposing team who just defeated their favorite team. We see it all the time. People act not only bitter when their team loses, but often without class. They incite riots, shout obscenities at opposing fans and just act like complete idiots. But that did not happen here. In fact, if you ask most Boston fans, while they are still distraught at how things ended, they have no ill will against fans in Chicago.

That sentiment is obviously clear in the Windy City as well, as the Blackhawks took out perhaps one of the classiest ads in the history of professional sports this past week. If you have yet to read it for yourself, I have included it below:


So, after seeing such a touching gesture by Chicago, I would like to thank them for being a classy organization, city and community. The Blackhawks and the people of Chicago should be commended for what they did in this advertisement. They didn’t have to do this. It is not common. In a day and age where sports often bring more negative news than they do positive, it is nice to be able to say the following sentiment about a city and a team and its fans and actually mean it with absolutely no sarcastic tone whatsoever.

Stay classy, Chicago.

And it is nice to truly mean that.

Enjoy your celebration. You deserve every bit of it.


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Rob Kelley is a sports reporter for various newspapers in Florida, and is trying to break back into the sports writing game after a brief hiatus following the publishing of his first book, I'm Not a Quitter. He recently resigned as Editor-in-Chief and lead writer for The South Shore Magazine to pursue better opportunities. You can follow him on Twitter @RobKelley24.