iPad/iPhone/iPod/iOS WiFi Issues With FiOS Router: The Solution That Works


Now that you’ve fixed it…

If you do a quick search on Google for ‘ipad fios wifi problems’ among others you’ll come up with a slew of ‘SOLVED’, ‘ANSWERED’, and ‘WORKS’ on different forums and discussion boards. Unfortunately, not for me, and the majority of other people I’ve seen comment on the boards.

They tell you to change from WEP to WPA, or WPA to WPA2, or if that doesn’t work change to WEP. They tell you to change from TKIP to AES encryption because their cousin’s neighbor’s dog brought home a secret hidden scroll from Apple of some internal memo ‘saying WiFi only works for certain encryptions on the iPad but we sell it anyway muhuhahaha’.

Essentially all that’s out there so far has been nonsense, or only solved the problem for 20 minutes or so, which let’s be honest, isn’t really solving anything.

I have tried the above with no luck.

I have tried setting my iPad for DCHP.
I have tried setting my iPad for a static IP.
I have tried setting my iPad for DHCP with a static reservation in the router.
I have reset network settings on my ipad
I have tried WEP, WPA, WPA2, an no encryption at all.

I have disabled ‘Auto-brightness’ on the iPad (because that made sense?)

I have reset my router to factory defaults.
I’ve updated firmware, I’ve downgraded firmware.
I’ve turned off everything and turned it all on in ever combination imaginable.
I’ve changed ‘fragmentation threshold’ and ‘RTS Thresholds.

In the end I found my own solution that appears to work at several different locations and it isn’t mentioned above.


  1. Log in to your FiOS router
  2. Go to Wireless Settings
  3. Go to Advanced Security Settings
  4. Go to Other Advanced Options
  5. Go to WMM Settings
  6. Uncheck WMM PowerSave (or Wireless QoS all together)
  7. Apply
  8. Enjoy functional WiFi once again.



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