NFL Rumors: Will New England Patriots Cut Tim Tebow?

Will the New England Patriots cut Tim Tebow once NFL rosters have to get trimmed down from over 90 players, down to 75 players and finally down to the final 53 man roster by opening week of the 2013 NFL regular season? After failing to enter last night’s embarrassing 40-9 loss at the hands of the Detroit Lions in the third – and most important – preseason game, Tebow has to be far from considered a lock to make the final roster. With a non-guaranteed contract, it will cost the Patriots nothing to release Tebow. He is not going to unseat Tom Brady or Ryan Mallett as the top two quarterbacks in New England. He is hesitant to transition from a quarterback to either a tight end or a tailback. Therefore, it appears likely that the Patriots could cut Tebow within the coming week. Of course, there is the possibility that head coach Bill Belichick will want to see what Tebow can do under center in the final preseason games against inferior competition. If he still fails to impress as a starting NFL quarterback against other teams’ second and third units, then is there any reason whatsoever to hold on to a player who may never see the field in 2013?

When asked why Tebow did not play in last night’s game in Detroit, in simple Belichickian fashion, the coach repliedĀ “Because we played two quarterbacks.”

Neither of them happened to be Tebow. Brady started and Mallett finished. That was the plan from the start, which was not the problem. The problem, at least from Tebow’s perspective, is the fact that even when he has played, he has looked horrible at quarterback. Of course, to anyone who knows the game, that should come as no surprise. Tebow is not an NFL quarterback.

Not a starter. Not a back-up. Not a third stringer who holds a clipboard. His throwing motion is awful and his mechanics are flat out disgusting. If the Patriots cut Tebow, which I strongly believe they should, it will very likely be the final time we see Tebow in the NFL.

And that, in my opinion, is a good thing.


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