NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Broncos, Chiefs Remain Undefeated While Saints, Colts Drop

Through the first six weeks of the 2013 NFL season, teams are beginning to separate themselves from the pack and prove themselves to either be contenders or pretenders. While there are plenty of issues that numerous teams still need to work through, many of the upper echelon squads are finally beginning to play at the level many expected from them entering the regular season. As we enter Week 7 of the 2013 campaign, only the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs remain undefeated, making them obvious choices for the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in this week’s Power Rankings. The New Orleans Saints appeared to be on their way to 6-0, but could not withstand a second final minute rally against the New England Patriots.

That means that the 1972 Miami Dolphins know that either the Broncos or Chiefs must lose by Week 11 – at the latest – as the two will play each other for the first time this season, although it will be one of two meetings between the final two unbeatens within a three week span. Of course, there is no guarantee that either team will come into their November 17 matchup without a loss, although neither exactly has what anyone would call a brutal schedule.

Either way, while the Broncos and Chiefs may be easy top two selections in the Week 7 Power Rankings, much else remains up in the air. Here is a look at how I see all 32 teams shaking out as we look ahead to this weekend’s games:

1. Denver Broncos
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. New England Patriots
5. New Orleans Saints
6. San Francisco 49ers
7. Indianapolis Colts
8. Cincinnati Bengals
9. Chicago Bears
10. Green Bay Packers
11. Detroit Lions
12. Baltimore Ravens
13. Dallas Cowboys
14. Miami Dolphins
15. San Diego Chargers
16. Philadelphia Eagles
17. New York Jets
18. Tennessee Titans
19. Carolina Panthers
20. St. Louis Rams
21. Houston Texans
22. Arizona Cardinals
23. Cleveland Browns
24. Atlanta Falcons
25. Buffalo Bills
26. Oakland Raiders
27. Pittsburgh Steelers
28. Washington Redskins
29. Minnesota Vikings
30. New York Giants
31. Jacksonville Jaguars
32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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