Latest NBA Trade Rumors Could See Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo To Mavericks, Lakers, Rockets, Kings Or Knicks

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo said that NBA trade rumors are a “way of life” since he’s donned the green and white for the 17-time NBA World Champions. As he is playing out the final year of his contract, he certainly didn’t expect anything to change during the 2014-2015 NBA season. That latest buzz around the locker rooms and media circuses have the Celtics engaged in “substantive” trade talks with the Dallas Mavericks in a rumored deal that would send Rondo to the Mavs for center Brandan Wright and a future 1st Round NBA Draft pick.

Nobody knows just exactly how close a deal is or whether or not anything will come to fruition. Just know that Rondo is likely to hit the open market before signing a long-term extension with the Celtics, and Mark Cuban and the Mavericks are desperate to land a point guard that would give them an upgrade over Jameer Nelson.

More than Rondo and Wright would be involved in any deal, with Boston also requiring at least one future first rounder in return. Other players and picks could be necessary in order to make the salary cap numbers work.

While sources are reporting that the Celtics have been discussing Rondo with the Mavs, there are also rumors involving the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings and New York Knicks. The Lakers would love to bring in Rondo to make Kobe Bryant happy. The Rockets are always willing to prove that they are all-in with quite a few top contracts. The Kings are going through various changes, but have coveted Rondo for quite some time. And the Knicks are reportedly shopping every single player on their roster not named Carmelo Anthony, although, they ought to look to move him too, if the price is right.

Rondo cannot stand losing. No professional athlete should, but Rondo appears to be much more valuable when is part of a winning culture. Boston will not have that for a few more years. He could win in Dallas right away, although it is still no sure thing whether or not he would sign an extension before any trade. That makes him a bit of a risk, but it may be one well worth taking for an NBA team looking to reach the Finals and hoist the trophy in June.


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