Could Eagles Trade Nick Foles To Rams, Titans Or Texans If They Move Up To Draft Marcus Mariota?

Nick Foles is not a Chip Kelly guy. Kelly didn’t draft Foles. He doesn’t like the fact that he is not a mobile quarterback, and many could argue that the young quarterback out of Arizona took a huge step backward in 2014, even before he suffered a season-ending injury. Kelly wants to bring in his own guys to run the offense he perfected. Marcus Mariota may be that guy. If Kelly can pull off a trade to move up in the 2015 NFL Draft (likely into the Top 10), then he may be able to get his guy. Whether he can or not, look for the Philadelphia Eagles to trade Nick Foles, with early rumors suggesting interest on behalf of teams including the St. Louis Rams, Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans.

The Eagles could decide to hold onto Foles if they are not blown over with an offer. It is unlikely that the team brings back Mark Sanchez, as he my arguably – ad sadly – be the best available quarterback on the free agent market this offseason. That could leave Foles and Matt Barkley in a potential quarterback competition. Kelly would love to bypass all of that to move up in the draft and select former Oregon Ducks Heisman winner Marcus Mariota as the franchise quarterback for the Eagles for years to come.

If Foles is dealt, the Rams certainly are a distinct possibility. St. Louis cannot go through another season waiting to see which quarterback will fill in for Sam Bradford after he suffers yet another devastating injury. With Bradford, it is always a matter of when, not if.

The Titans are probably going to move on from Jake Locker, and they aren’t completely sold on Zach Mettenberger. Foles could be brought in as the starter, with a possible competition from Mettenberger is he were to struggle learning a new offense.

The Texans also make sense, although the team may wish to try Ryan Mallett for a full season, provided he can stay healthy.

Other quarterback-hungry teams who could at least place an inquiry with the Eagles may include the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets.


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