After Defeating Manny Pacquaio And Relinquishing Titles, Who Will Floyd Mayweather Fight In Retirement Match?

Floyd Mayweather defeating Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision on Saturday night, in a bout that everyone billed as the “Fight of the Century” going into the match. They were all wrong. Like I called, Mayweather won a boring fight against a boxer who is a few years past his prime. Like it or not, and I don’t, Mayweather is now 48-0 and said that he has one fight left in him before calling it a career. Of course, he “retired” before in the past so, I’ll believe it when I see it. Either way, if “Money” Mayweather does have one fight left in him, who will serve as his opponent in his retirement match?

Amir Khan is seen as the favorite by many, but has one major factor working against him. First, he can’t fight in September, which is Mayweather’s target date, because it falls too close to the end of Ramadan. It may be too difficult to coordinate such as fight with Khan, unless Mayweather is willing to push back his next match date.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather can simply sit back and await his next opponent.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather can simply sit back and await his next opponent.

Kell Brook is another popular name on the list, as he, like Mayweather, is also undefeated. One issue is that Brook holds a title. Mayweather will relinquish his championships, meaning that there is no desire to hold another unification contest. The leader of TMT also said that his final match will not be for a belt, making a date against Brook also unlikely.

What about Keith Thurman, who also boasts an unblemished record? He is young. He is hungry. He is a talented self-promoter and shares the same advisor with Mayweather. If Floyd really wants to give a younger fighter a chance to prove himself, why not give Thurman a shot?

Another fighter who could probably help sell a few tickets would be Lucas Matthyse, who is coming off of a big win over Ruslan Provodnikov. After that huge victory, Matthyse said that he wanted to fight the winner of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Many would love to see Saul “Canelo” Alvarez take on Mayweather, provided he can get past James Kirkland this weekend, but I just don’t see it happening, as there are simply too many obstacles in the way. Miguel Cotto and Gennady Golovkin would also make for an interesting opponent, but also have too many issues involving contracts and agents and politics to have a legitimate shot at setting up a bout with Mayweather.

Who would you like to see Mayweather end his career in the ring against? Khan? Thurman? Someone not mentioned in this article? Do you care? Or, are you simply hoping that whoever Mayweather fights next is able to prevent him from matching Rocky Marciano at 49-0?

Let us know!


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