My Top 5 Bold Predictions for the Year 2016 College Football Season

It is June again, which means everybody is getting ready for the year the 2016 football season that will go for about two-plus months. This will bring a lot of joy for the fans especially when making their predictions. All fans will have an opportunity to make their grand predictions till the month of November when the games concludes. How can one do this? Well, using your personal intuition, you can always make your predictions well on College Football Odds. May be, this is the time to make unapologetic guesses or proclamations, before the games start to be competitive at later stages.

One key thing that you must remember is that being bold and reckless can cost you a lot especially when making these statements. Predicting that Illinois to win the Big Ten, with many apologies isn’t realistic. Before you can say anything, you must know the best prediction if you want to have some facts that would help in rationalization behind these statements.

Here are my top five bold predictions for this year’s college football season. They are just random predictions:

1. The 2016 national champion might come from the ACC … but it will not be Clemson:

That is because the State of Florida has all the quality needed. What is bold about me picking another blue-blood program as a way of winning a national title? I would say, nothing by itself; however, let us examine some things. Clemson has figure out what it takes to be preseason ACC favorite especially after making another national championship appearance in last year’s season.

After all, the offense history of Tigers could great with all of them returning pieces. Nevertheless, don’t sleep on Seminoles, who is also set to return entire offense. Unlike Clemson, most of the key defensive players of FSU are also returning. Among the best defensive stars are Josh Sweat and Derwin James, who all took part in the year 2015.

Seminoles coach, the great Jimbo Fisher did a great job in a rebuilding the team this year after winning 10 games especially after losing 29 of his players to the draft during the period of 2013- 2015. Despite that being a big deal, many are looking forward to enjoy something great during this year’s season especially with the teams making their big preparations of the championships.

2. The year 2016 will not be for Jim Harbaugh & Michigan:

We have talked a lot about Harbaugh in the past without having information that we need to know about them. During the period, we might be tempted to write them off after poor performances in their previous games. It is interesting to note that they are still back in the competition. Many believe that it would take an interesting turn when they do use these things. I see Jim Harbaugh & Michigan crashing out this year from the criticism that fell on them after the poor performances.
Then, who wins this division? Of course, it is rebuilt Ohio State Buckeyes. Since they do not have injury concerns, they might surprise many and win the championship especially from their excellent performances during these periods.

The Buckeyes as just lost about 12 players who took part last year to the NFL Draft while Michigan has lost three. Through their successful recruits, their efforts has not been consistent over the last few years. Ohio State may find their way to reload by winning the division. This will be something that many people will be looking forward especially when talking about the existing issues about the performance of Harbaugh when rebuilding Michigan to allow them for success in another term.

  1. Tom Herman is set to leave Houston for another job (not at Texas or even Texas A&M:While many people may be surprised at the time of Herman in Houston, he is already approaching his end because he will eventually head to the Texas or the Texas A&M. As the things are now, Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong respectively, will enter the 2016 season on the seats with fluctuating degrees of warmth. This should make it interesting especially when dealing with the existing conditions.

He had expressed his optimism that he will work hard to make sure that he keeps his form given the alternatives that will exists during the period when trying to have fun in the place. I believe with the experience, he will do a lot during these periods especially when looking for the alternatives approaches easily.

4. The Pac-12 has failed to produce another 10-win team during the regular season. After ensuring that it has another way, he has been instrumental in ensuring that Pac-12 reaches the playoffs for another second straight year. I would make a bold prediction has no Pac-12 program can emerges from a regular season with over nine wins.

This actually happened about a year ago. Stanford did comfortably win 12 games, making them to be among the teams to qualify for the championship in this year’s championship.

5. The Heisman winner will neither be a top preseason nor a running back QB:

With the considerations, the last 5 Heisman winners — Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, Jameis Winston, Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel — only Mariota had entered this year with a favorable odds of 5/1. Others were not even on the board like Manziel.

This show the intensity with others putting their money on Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech quarterback who had 33/1 odds. Many fans has more trust on Mahomes.

I believe, we will know the truth once the championship ends in November to gauge whether these predictions were right or wrong.

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