The Dark Knight Falls: Is It Time The New York Mets Trade Matt Harvey?

As fast as The Dark Knight can rise, it appears as if he can fall even faster. That seems to be the case for Matt Harvey and the New York Mets. The former North Carolina Tar Heels standout pitcher may have reached a crossroads with the Mets, following his three day suspension for not showing up to the ballpark on Saturday.

Harvey said that he had a migraine and that there was simply a miscommunication between he and the team. Of course, it did not help that Harvey got in a round of golf that same morning. The Mets have said that it was not just for simply missing one game, but rather a “compilation of issues” dating back over a year. Either way, suffice to say that the relationship between Harvey and the Mets is not only strained, but may have reached the level of irreparable damage.

Had this occurred a few years back when Harvey was dominating Major League Baseball, perhaps things would have played out differently. But now, following injuries and ineffectiveness, in addition to ongoing contract issues, the Mets felt as if they had no choice but to suspend Harvey, who is still reportedly considering filing a grievance.

What are the Mets to do from here concerning Harvey, who is no longer the team’s ace, but more resembles that of a No. 3 or No. 4 starter? Have they reached the point where they must look to trade the pitcher who looked to be the franchise savior just a few short years back? Do they simply hope that these personal issues go away and he can help New York get back in the race in the National League East? Ideally, the Mets would love to hope that Harvey can reverse his trend of poor pitching on the hill and at least improve to the point that they could seek more for him in a potential trade. If they looked to move him immediately, the move would reek of desperation and the team would be selling low, which is never a wise baseball decision.

Regardless of how things play out over the course of the next few weeks or months, it appears as if Harvey’s days in Queens may be numbered. If the Mets do look to place Harvey on the trading block, despite his struggles, there would likely be no shortage of suitors in today’s weak starting pitching market. Undoubtedly, a handful of teams would be willing to take a chance at turning around the once-promising career of Harvey, especially considering that he is signed at a rather affordable price this season and is arbitration eligible in 2018.


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Rob Kelley is a sports reporter for various newspapers in Florida, and is trying to break back into the sports writing game after a brief hiatus following the publishing of his first book, I'm Not a Quitter. He recently resigned as Editor-in-Chief and lead writer for The South Shore Magazine to pursue better opportunities. You can follow him on Twitter @RobKelley24.