Finding Your Way To The Biggest Sports Events

Panoramic_view_of_Ohio_StadiumAttending sports events is a very popular pastime all over the world. Whether it’s a game of soccer on the streets of Rio de Janeiro or a World Series matchup in Chicago, millions of people enjoy sitting back and watching competitions big and small.

But we sometimes get too hung up on the small ones, denying ourselves the experience of going to the high-stakes events. We sometimes put too much emphasis on the cost (or not enough emphasis on the benefit), and we put the idea aside in favor of tuning in on television.

Don’t let those opportunities pass you by! While your lifestyle and income may not accommodate a jet-setting lifestyle that takes you to the world’s biggest contests, you can certainly find a way to satisfy a few sports ideas on your bucket list. When you talk yourself out of going by thinking you’ll get nothing tangible, think about some of the intangible things you’ll get.

The Opportunity To Witness Sports History

If you care enough about a particular sport to consider going, you care enough about it to be in tune with its history. You’ll want to know its greatest players, their highest achievements, and the records of their best teams, and you’ll appreciate the historic relevance of whatever you witness.

Being a tennis fanatic you may think about possibly purchasing Wimbledon tickets 2017, don’t imagine a bracket where every favorite wins in straight sets. It may happen, of course; they aren’t the favorites for nothing. But it may also have a very different outcome.

What if the favorites struggle at first, then battle back mightily to advance? What if you witness the buzzer beater that is replayed for decades during basketball coverage? What if someone’s performance in the NBA Finals rivals Michael Jordan’s 41 points per game in the 1993 series? Yes, you could watch it on TV, but there’s nothing like being there.

The Journey

Most of us don’t live within walking distance of a major sports venue, so we have to do some traveling to get to the games. That trip will probably involve some family or friends who are attending with you. Together you’ll drive, fly, or ride to the destination city, maybe stay in a hotel, get something to eat, shop, or go sightseeing. The longer the duration of the event, the more of those things you’ll do.

This is the stuff of lifelong memories. The long layover in Atlanta, the terrific post-game dinner on Beale Street, the breathtaking view from the hotel–they are all a part of the game experience that you get without even touching your tickets. And they’re a part that you won’t get just by watching on TV. The sun setting over the plains around Talladega is just the icing on the cake after 40 cars run their 500 miles at the track.

Avoiding Regret

This just might be the best reason to go: the fact that you chose to go instead of skipping out. These events don’t happen every day. You have a limited opportunity to decide to attend before other commitments crowd in and make the decision for you. If you wait too long, your window will close, and you will never get to go.

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is coming up in July, with the game’s biggest names slugging away. You never know which player may retire at season’s end, or what highlight may be made as an outfield robs a home run or a batter crushes one beyond the grandstands. It’s no fun to look back at these moments and think, “I almost went.”

Going to a sporting event is exciting. It’s fun to watch, fun to get to, and fun to reflect on. When you take that leap, whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or the beginning of a lifelong tradition, you’ll quickly see that’s well worth the time, money, and effort.

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Dan Jones has been in the technology field for more than 10 years and has been an avid sports fan his entire life. He owned and operated his own computer repair and tutoring company (Blue Side Down) for 8 years before converting the website into what you see now, Boston Super Blog. He finds himself becoming more interested in sports every day and enjoys discussing them with friends. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife in their home on the South Shore and playing with their kids and yellow lab Cooper. Although he doesn't have much time to write he certainly has no problem vocally expressing his sports opinions, just ask. (You may regret it as he has a tendency to go on tirades.) Whenever he does post you should read it, you won't regret that you did.