WATCH: Will P.K. Subban Regret Not Hitting DDT On Sidney Crosby In Stanley Cup Finals?

The 2017 Stanley Cup Finals are really heating up, especially as it relates to the ongoing 1-on-1 battle brewing between Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby and Nashville Predators instigator P.K. Subban. Reportedly, Crosby said that Subban had bad breath, to which Subban told the biggest whiner in all of professional hockey that he “used listerine.” In Game 5 on Thursday night, a game won easily by the Penguins, Crosby and Subban actually got into a bit of a scuffle on the ice. Watch for yourself what transpired:

After getting up from the ice, Subban had Crosby in the perfect position to hit a DDT. If you are unfamiliar with the wrestling move, then google it. Any old-school wrestling fan knows that it was a move made famous by the great Jake “The Snake” Roberts. How great would it have been had Subban waved his finger in a circle, a la Jake “The Snake” and dropped Crosby in the ice with a DDT?

I know it sounds cruel, but I think that most hockey fans outside of Pittsburgh would have applauded the move. Sure, Subban would have been suspended for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals, as well as for possibly 20 additional games to start next season, but, depending on the end result of the championship series over the next game or two, can you tell me that Subban will not look back one day and not regret dropping Crosby right then and there?

I’m just saying.


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