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Why Did It Take Disturbing Photos To Disgust People Over The Greg Hardy Domestic Violence Incident?

I guess some people just have absolutely zero imagination. Perhaps, they are unable to picture an event that is described to them. If you cannot put an image to a…


Will The Vikings Trade Adrian Peterson To The Buccaneers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Falcons, Jaguars Or Chargers?

Adrian Peterson said he would prefer a trade from the Minnesota Vikings, yet the team remains hesitant to simply give away their star running back. Rumors persist that if Peterson…


NFL Rumors: If Released By Vikings, Would Adrian Peterson Sign With Cowboys, Chargers, Jets, Colts Or Bills?

Adrian Peterson said that he is “uneasy” about a possible return to the Minnesota Vikings. Uneasy. Heaven forbid that a player who has received an outcry of support from management…


Would Dallas Cowboys Sign Mark Ingram If They Cannot Re-Sign DeMarco Murray?

The Dallas Cowboys have a critical decision to make this offseason regarding two of the top NFL free agents on the market. The Cowboys are facing the dilemma of whether…