Netflix for iPhone?

The rumor has been circulating since “Instant Watching” and the iPhone coexisted.

Finally there may be a slimmer of truth to this rumor! Reports have come out that Netflix has begun surveying its customers to determine whether or not they would use an iPhone app to watch streaming content if it were offered for free.  This is the same survey that was distributed to customers before Netflix’s release for Wii.

Offered FREE! Who wouldn’t use that if they had the option?

The real question is: How much would you pay for something like that?

  • A one-time purchase of the application from the App store?
    • This would be similar to the $30 price tag on the Slingbox app.
  • An extra charge on your Netflix Subscription fee?
    • Would you be willing to pay an extra $2, $3, $5 / month for this feature?

AT&T would most likely not allow the service to use the 3G network and would force this to be a Wi-Fi only app however other applications have made strides in securing 3G rights.  The massive amount of bandwidth necessary to produce a quality image for a full length movie would greatly surpass what it takes for small YouTube clips and streaming music via Pandora so I’m sure that a 3G movie would be poor quality anyway.  When you’re on the go though, you may still prefer poor quality to nothing.

The other major issue is what content is going to be made available.  They already offer instant watching material over the internet, XBox360, PS3, and Wii however the content differs between computer and gaming console.  The content would most likely be limited on the iPhone as well.  I certainly don’t know how their licensing for content works but I certainly hope this is something they can move forward with.

The iPad seems to be what is creating most of the hype behind the renewed rumors.  Almost all apps will be supported on the iPad that are currently available for the iPhone.  The iPad would be a TERRIFIC video streaming device and especially great if there were a Netflix app as the darn iPad doesn’t support Flash in web browsers!

I’m all for it!

  • Would I use it for free?  Hell yeah!
  • Would I pay an extra $1 / month? You betcha
  • Would I pay a one time fee of say $20 for an app that would let me do it as much as I want (def. if it were 3G enabled).

All we can do is sit back, keeping the rumor mill turning, and hope it truly becomes a reality!

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