Bruins Lose Despite Rask Effort

Tukka Rask

Rask's 90% Save Percentage Wasn't Enough In Last Night's 4-1 Loss To The Buffalo Sabres

The Boston Bruins’ shots couldn’t find then net last night in their 4-1 Game 5 loss to the Buffalo Sabres last night.  Johnny Boychuck was the Bruin’s only goal scorer in the pathetic excuse for an effort that was last night’s game.  Although they couldn’t show talent, the Bruins did finally show some emotion at the end of the game as fists began to fly.  This emotion could have resulted in Chara missing from Game 6 if the NHL hadn’t rescinded the instigator penalty.  Bruins fans have been on their case for not showing emotion after they sat and watched Savard get taken out and did nothing, but this foolishness needs to be avoided.  It didn’t seem like their heart was in it last night.

The Buffalo Sabres however had one of their best appearances of the series thus far.  The skaters had half as many blocked shots as goalie Ryan Miller.  The Sabres came out to play and the Bruins looked lost the entire night.

Claude has some serious work ahead of him to get this team to the point that they might have a shot at winning this match-up.  The Sabres showed their best play last night and it is going to be difficult for Boston to recover from a loss like this.  They play Game 6 Monday at home.  Cross your fingers that they show up and play more than one period with a true effort.

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