Make Way for Ducklings!

Most of what I do onsite as Builder Babe is stormwater control.  It boils down to making sure that as we disturb soil (ie demolition, digging, utility installation etc) we do not have any stormwater runoff.  When it rains, we have to make sure we don’t have any muddy water flowing offsite.  We implement multiple types of measures to ensure this.  Everything from large stone lined ponds, fiber rolls, haybales and silt sacks in storm drains are used to make sure that the soil stays onsite.

I’m sure you’re thinking “no big deal” right?  Well it is a big deal when you’re dealing with the dirty dirt that we have onsite.  You don’t want petroleum or pesticide laden soil leaving your site. But really, the big reason stormwater management is super important on this particular Big Box Store site, is because we have a river running right through it.  This particular river eventually runs into the Atlantic Ocean and is a spawning ground for multiple types of fish.  It’s a sensitive habitat and actually quite tranquil when you get to sit next to it and eat lunch.  🙂

So as I’ve spent the many months constantly monitoring this river, I was more than pleased today to find these lil guys:

All the inspections, money spent on materials, yelling, reports,  screaming, paperwork and stomping my feet trying to explain how important it is to keep the river clean, was all worth it! 🙂

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