A 6′ Centerfold

Thought you’d open the post up to a hot chickie?  Ha! Tricked you with a folding table! HAHA!

Over the course of the last few years, I have both designed and helped build various big box retail stores.  I happen to frequent (almost weekly) one particular store near my house that I had a hand in both designing and building.  It’s kind of nice to see a plan on paper and be there for the years it takes to make it a reality.  And then it’s very rewarding to actually go in and shop there!

So, I visit this particular store to buy a 6′ folding banquet table.  I go to the section it’s in, grab the table and head to the registers.  Upon getting to the register, the clerk finds that the particular table I picked out does not have a SKU (barcode) or price on it.  He’s in high school, there are several people in line behind me and he’s a little flustered to begin with.   He calls in the reinforcements…

Clerk: “Johnny, whereabouts are you in the store?”

Johnny: “I’m in appliances, what’s up?”

Clerk: “I need a price on a 6′ center-folding table, can you head over there?”

Johnny: “On my way…”

Then the clerk rings up a person behind me while we wait.  I obviously don’t mind, might as it will quell the grumblings behind me a little…  This clerk is still the only one working the entire bank of registers…

Johnny: “I’m in with the tables but I don’t see a 6′ center-folding one.”

Clerk: “Hmm, hold on…”

Clerk (to me): “Where did you get the table Ma’am?”

Me: “On the bottom rack where the other folding tables are.”

Clerk: “Are you sure there were other tables in that area?  Johnny can’t find them.”

Me: “Yes, I picked it out of a stack of 6 or so of the same tables.”

Clerk: “Were you inside or outside the store Ma’am?”

Now at this point, I know where he’s going.  These particular big box stores have an outdoor area where they sell everything from plants to furniture to wheelbarrels.

Me: “I was in the store, I was not in the garden center if that’s what you’re asking.”

Clerk: “Are you sure you were inside? Because some of our garden center is covered.”

Me: “Yes, I’m sure I was inside.  I was not under the shade roof.”  ( I love using the correct terms!)

Clerk: “Well, possibly, but it can be a bit confusing over there. Maybe you were in fact outside…”

Johnny: “FOUND THEM!  SKU is 123456, sorry that took so long”

Hmm…amazing how I knew I was inside the store! Maybe the FLUORESCENT LIGHTS above me gave it away.  🙂

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