It’s a digger…

When I first started in the construction industry, I knew two pieces of equipment…a bulldozer and what I called, “a digger”.  A “digger” to me, was anything with a bucket.  Of course, the guys thought this was hilarious and have never let me live it down.  So, here is a little tutorial for those who don’t know their construction equipment!

The proper name for a digger is an Excavator. They come in many sizes and strengths.

They are used to dig utilities, foundations and big holes in the ground. Hence, diggers!

Most people know what a Bulldozer looks like, but here's a picture so we don't get confused

Here is a Skid Steer. It's great for little jobs like removing snow, getting into tight places and grading. It's like a Bulldozer's little brother.

Here is what we onsite call a Rubber Tire Backhoe

The next item is called an End-Dump. Some people like to call it a dump truck, but I think End Dump sounds so much cooler!

And just for scale, End Dumps can get enormous on sites like coal mines!

This lil contraption is called a Gradall (pronounced Grade-All). We use it to slope the sides of trenches and it's great for placing stone or material in hard to reach areas.

Next up is a Roller. We use these to smooth out areas that we are going to pave or put a building on.

These rollers also come in a handy little remote control version. We call it an RC Roller. Make sense? These guys are good for compacting the material under utility installations (like sewer, water and drain pipe).

Next up is the Rock Crusher. They are expensive, loud and scary. It crushes rock, rocks are hard, so it's very powerful too!

The Loam Screener. You can set this puppy up to take out rocks and debris bigger than 3/4"! You can dump huge excavator bucketfulls of material into the top, all the crap makes its way out of the right hand side of the machine, and the conveyor belt on the left hand side piles up your nice soft rock-free loam on the left!

This is a Concrete Truck. It brings concrete to the site from the plant. They are messy and the drivers are sometimes a little dense... SIDE NOTE: I chose this picture from google images because it has a fellow builder babe in it! It's not me though, I don't work in the desert. To the unknown builder babe: You go girl!

Here's a picture of a crane

WHOOPS! Wrong Crane! This is the one we like onsite!

And that folks, accounts for about 99% of the equipment we use everyday on construction sites!  Hope you feel more informed now on your construction equipment and as you can see, they’re not just all diggers!


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