iPhone 4 Review – Worth an Upgrade?

iPhone 4

Is the iPhone 4 - Worth the upgrade?

Well I finally broke down and got an iPhone 4.

It wasn’t really because I wanted one, more because my old iPhone 3G finally bit the dust.

You may say “finally bit the dust?” but to be honest I’m quite surprised that it lasted so long.  It was my 6th actual physical phone.  Here’s the quick list of destruction and damage:

  1. Silent switch stopped working while in a meeting with a customer
    • Hardware issue – Walk-in replacement same day
  2. Software fried due to bad Jailbreak
    • Was able to get it semi-functional enough to be replaced
  3. Software fried due to bad Jailbreak – (Still didn’t learn)
    • Was able to get it semi-functional enough to be replaced
  4. Bad SIM card
    • AT&T refused to swap so Apple swapped phones to prove it wasn’t them
  5. Run over by a front end loader
    • Screen didn’t crack [somehow] Apple replaced because speaker and mic were busted.
  6. Old age – this guy lasted me 22 months out of the 24 I had an iPhone 3G

Since I managed to do everything possible to break my iPhone 3G and Apple took care of me I decided to give the iPhone 4 a run.

The easy take is that OBVIOUSLY the iPhone4 is far superior than the 3G OR 3GS.  The true question to be answered is, “Is it worth upgrading?”.

The phone is amazing, it’s faster, prettier, has 2 cameras, and does multitasking (3G won’t, 3GS will).

The new phone still has all of the same issues the predecessors had including:

  • the “Signal Strength Grip of Death” which is now worse than ever
  • It still lacks Flash compatibility
    • I understand that by enabling Flash it will take a way a LOT from sales, iTunes, App Store, iBooks would all be down with the web wide open to flash but they really need to open this up sooner or later.
  • Can’t choose custom message tones.
    • I think this is more of an advertising stance of Apple.  If you limit the phone to 7 tones and make 5 of them unbearable, people are going to know you have an iPhone when you get a message.  Everyone knows the iPhone message tone at this point so I doubt they’ll change this but even my wife’s cheapo special can play any thing she wants for text and ring.

Upgrade from 3G to iPhone 4 – Abso-friggin-lutley

Upgrade from 3Gs to iPhone 4 – Not unless you’re up for a contract and have a couple hundred bucks to blow.

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