The Patriots Will Watch This NFL Wild-Card Weekend

The Patriots will sit back  and wait on Wild-Card Weekend to find out who they will face next weekend in the divisional playoff round.

Will it be the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, or Baltimore Ravens?

I know a lot of people out there are a little confused with the format so I’ll clear it up for you.  There are only 3 possible scenarios:

Scenario Patriots Play
Jets Win Jets
Jets Lose & Chiefs Win Chiefs
Jets Lose & Ravens Win Ravens

Now where does that leave Patriots?

Who do we actually want to go against?
As much as I would like to be playing in the NFC with their weak opponents we have to choose one of the three.

I think New England would have the best chance against the Chiefs.  The Chiefs do have Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles as well as Dwayne Bowe but I don’t see Matt Cassel being able to rise to the occasion with the post-season pressure and being at Gillette.

Who are we most likely to go against?
I really don’t see the Jets taking down the Colts in their matchup.  Manning has proved himself time and time again and Sanchez’s luck seems to be running thin.
I also don’t see the Chiefs taking down the Ravens.  Flacco, (if he can hold on to the ball) has a number of targets to hit with Derrick Mason, Anquan Boldin, and Todd Heap (recently back from injury) in his arsenal.  Add Ray Rice and Willis McGahee to the receiving triple-threat and the Ravens have an impressive list of names on the offensive side of the ball.  I think we’ll be seeing the Ravens in Gillette come the divisional playoff round, I also think we’ll win.


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