Bruins vs. Lightning – Tonight’s the Night

TAMPA, FL. – The Bruins are just one win away from heading to the Stanley Cup Finals, and tonight could very well give them that win. There have been numerous complaints during the playoffs regarding Claude Julien’s choices, but clearly something he has been doing has been working.

You can knock the power play all you want but up until this point the lack of a decent power play hasn’t sent the Bs packing, yet. I’m not going to come out and say that the power play is a non-issue; clearly something has to be done to make it effective if the Bruins have any hope of success should they make the finals. Julien finally made some changes at the end of game 5 including putting Zdeno Chara at the post with the 3 defenseman powerplay. If they can become more effecitve and capitalize on the powerplay they are going to make it a lot easier on themselves.

The Bruins are going to take the win in Tampa tonight and here’s why:

  1. Tim Thomas
  2. Guy Boucher
    • It seems like the man that has been credited by some as one of the more creative and intelligent coaches in the league is stumped when it comes to the Bruins.
    • His team looks visibly shaken and it’s going to be difficult to get them back on track although they do have home ice.
  3. Dwayne Roloson
    • According to sources Guy Boucher is swapping back to Roloson for the big game tonight.
    • Roloson was benched for game 5 in which Mike Smith put up a stellar performance in which he was only really responsible for one of the goals.
    • Boucher is really rolling the dice on this one and I think the Bruins are going to benefit from the frustrated coach’s indecision on who to put in net each night.

The Bruins are only going to be without Marc Savard as Johnny Boychuck is cleared to play after taking a big hit from Steve Downie. Don’t expect too much out of Tyler Seguin tonight either, although the young rookie was certainly impressive the other night he’s not getting the open ice he wants to be as effective. The Bruins need to be physical to win this one as the Lightning are immensely faster on the ice.

Although my predictions are incredibly inaccurate, I’ll keep trying:

Bruins 4 – Lightning 3

Bruins head to Stanly Cup Finals!

P.S. – Does anyone else think that Steve Downie is a no talent, cheap-shot giving, cry-baby, attention monger? His call for attention the other night was pathetic. Who sits on the bench and stares at the ice after a Game 5 loss that doesn’t put your team out of the playoffs?


Steve Downie – A True Class(less) Act

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