The Lost Art of Entertaining

All too often we allow laziness to impede upon our social ways and choose to “go out for drinks” or “go out to dinner” very rarely seizing the opportunity to sit down and really enjoy the company of our friends.  Undoubtedly it is easier to go out to dinner that to make a homemade meal, but is that really an excuse?

I’m lucky to have friends that enjoy entertaining and are willing to host poker party / card nights and open houses and invite anyone that wishes to stop in and enjoy each other’s company and some really delicious food.

Especially in this holiday season I encourage you to be “hyper-local”, stay home, make a meal, have your friends over and enjoy the games on TV.  The holidays, for me, are all about being together with friends and family.  It’s fun, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than going out to eat!

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Dan Jones

Dan Jones has been "Nerd-ing" since he took apart the family computer at age 8. He has also been an avid sports fan his entire life. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and two girls in their home on the South Shore and playing with their kids and yellow lab Cooper. Although he doesn't have much time to write he certainly has no problem vocally expressing his sports opinions, just ask. (You may regret it as he has a tendency to go on tirades.) Whenever he does post you should read it, you won't regret that you did.