NFL Rumors: Do Not Expect To See Minnesota Vikings Trade Percy Harvin To Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are desperate to upgrade their offense, which ranked just 27th out of a possible 32 overall during the 2012 NFL season. Rumors persist that the Dolphins are finally going to make a splash this offseason, with wide receiver being the most necessary positional upgrade. If Miami is going to compete in the AFC East, it knows that arming quarterback Ryan Tannehill with some offensive weapons is a must going forward. Just do not expect to see the Minnesota Vikings trade Percy Harvin to the Dolphins to fulfill this upgrade.

Harvin is an extremely talented player on offense. He is explosive, elusive and a game changer all over the field. Harvin can line up in the backfield, wide out or in the slot, as well as make an impact on special teams in the return game. Had he not gotten hurt last season, he was on pace to finish toward the top of the league in both reception and receiving yards, and that was with a weak passing game. But, as good as Harvin is, he is not a good fit for the Dolphins.

During his brief NFL career, Harvin has already gotten into heated verbal exchanges with two different head coaches. Rumors also continue involving the true reason why Harvin did not return toward the end of last season, as teammates were reportedly sick of Harvin’s disrespectful interactions with head coach Leslie Frazier. Considering that during Joe Philbin’s lone season as head coach in South Beach, the Dolphins traded away Brandon Marshall and released Chad Johnson, this new regime in Miami is proving that character does indeed count.

Harvin does not appear to fit that mold.

Reports say that the Vikings would be lucky to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Harvin, which has led many to speculate that the Dolphins could be players for the wide receiver due to the fact that they have additional early round picks due to their recent trades, also including the one that sent Vontae Davis to the Indianapolis Colts. The Dolphins are also likely to let Reggie Bush go this offseason, meaning that Harvin could have been the type of player who could have stepped in and played a versatile role on offense for Miami.

But, even though he may only cost an NFL team a 3rd round pick, he is said to be seeking an annual salary of roughly $12 million. Considering his past and the type of players Philbin is looking for in Miami, do not expect to see the Vikings trade Harvin to the Dolphins any time soon.


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