NFL Rumors: Will New England Patriots Sign Terrell Owens?

Tom Brady has thrown passes to Randy Moss. He has thrown passes to Chad Ochocinco/Chad Johnson. Well, a few of them, at least. Could he be getting ready to throw some to Terrell Owens, who will forever be linked to the two aforementioned enigmatic wide receivers? After working out yesterday at USC, Brady was throwing passes to Owens, but that should not lead anyone to think that we could see the New England Patriots sign Owens any time soon.

Or, not at all.

At the Trojans’ football practice facility on Wednesday, Brady and former Patriots and USC quarterback Matt Cassel were working out with Owens and the newest New England receiver, Danny Amendola. Cassel is a member of the Minnesota Vikings now and, although they could also use another receiver, it is unlikely that they will offer T.O. a contract either.

At this point, it is highly doubtful that any NFL team will ever reach out to Owens and extend an offer, although that will apparently not prevent the receiver/actor from attempting a comeback.

But, for the 39-year-old who last saw action in the preseason for the Seattle Seahawks last season, it appears as if it will all be for not.

Stick to acting and, perhaps, you can make a second career out of it going forward. Your football playing days are well behind you.



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