UFC Rumors: Would Ronda Rousey Fight Fallon Fox?

As she demonstrated with her historic win over Liz Carmouche, Ronda Rousey has given women’s fighting in UFC main events complete legitimacy. She may be the most dominant female fighter on the planet, and is awaiting her next challenger.

If Rousey has any say in the matter, that next challenger will not be Fallon Fox.

Rousey has said that she would face Fox if UFC asked her to, but it would probably not be her first choice. Or second. Or 11th. It has nothing to do with Rousey being afraid to take on Fox. This is a competitor who would likely take on all female challengers.

The problem here is that Fox has not always been a female.

The New York Post reported that “Fox, who competes for small Championship Fighting Alliance, underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006 and has had hormone therapy to assist the transition from male to female. She is 2-0 as a professional and has been in the news lately because her license was being reviewed by the Florida State Boxing Commission to determine whether or not she’ll be able to continue in CFA’s women’s tournament.

Fox did not disclose that she was a transgender athlete to the commission or her opponents before fighting them. She was eventually cleared and will be able to fight.”

Still, while she may have been cleared, that does not mean that all are on board with the decision. Count Rousey who may be among that group.

“She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has,” Rousey told The Post. “It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.”

The bottom line is that Rousey would not shy away from any challenger, including Fox. In fact, placing her in the octagon against Rousey for her championship would be a ratings coup. The media coverage would be unprecedented. It could be a Dana White dream scenario.

Although, White would have something to consider before ever entertaining the thought of having Rousey defend her UFC Championship against Fox. What if Rousey were to lose? The UFC now has a main event female fighter and champion in Rousey. If she were to lose to someone who used to be a man for the majority of her life, how would that look in terms of the rest of the UFC field?

In one way, they may be best off never finding out that answer.




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