MLB Trade Rumors: Should New York Yankees Trade Robinson Cano To Los Angeles Dodgers?

The New York Yankees may have taken two out of three games at home against the Detroit Tigers this weekend, but that hardly has them thinking playoffs in the Bronx. Mariano Rivera blew his third consecutive save, Alex Rodriguez is back in a controversial fashion, Derek Jeter is injured once again, and he is far from the only big name aging Yankee to find themselves in the infirmary far more often than on the diamond. The Star-Ledger reported that one MLB executive characterized the Yankees’ current predicament as a “total mess.” With large guaranteed contracts still owed to Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia and countless others, New York could wallow in mediocrity for the next couple of seasons. With that being said, given these uncertain times, should the Yankees trade Robinson Cano to the Los Angeles Dodgers?

At this point, the trade deadline has come and gone. If the Yankees were to trade Cano, it would have to occur through the waiver wire, which is unlikely, given that the majority of teams in contention would either place a waiver claim in order to acquire Cano for themselves, or simply to prevent another team from adding a proven superstar to their lineup headed into the postseason.

That means that Cano will likely finish out the 2013 MLB season in pinstripes. But, will he play past October in New York, or could he end up signing with the Dodgers this winter anyway?

The Yankees would love to retain Cano in 2014 and beyond. His father would also love to see him remain with the Yankees. I would go out on a limb and even predict that Cano’s new agent, Jay-Z, would prefer to see his client re-up with New York. But, given the uncertain state of the Bronx Bombers going forward, and the Dodgers showing a propensity to overspend for absolutely any player they desire, could Cano be the next player to sign a $200 million plus deal in the City of Angels?

Bob Klapisch of The Star-Ledger also reports that Cano would be intrigued to play in the same infield as Hanley Ramirez, and that “Even Cano’s friends in the clubhouse, the ones imploring him to stay, concede the Yankees have only a 50-50 chance of keeping him.”

Depending on the final outcome at the end of this season – one in which New York likely will see end come the first week of October – things could continue to worsen for the Yankees well before they improve.


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