NFL Rumors: Should Philadelphia Eagles Release Riley Cooper Following Racial Slur And LeSean McCoy Comments?

The Philadelphia Eagles have not yet released wide receiver Riley Cooper following his despicable racial slur that was recorded during a Kenny Chesney concert in the City of Brotherly Love. The Eagles say they will insist that Cooper “seek outside assistance” in dealing with what he said. If you have not yet heard what Cooper said, then you either don’t have a television or internet access or read newspapers but, just in case, you can check it out here. Following his shocking and repulsive remarks, Michael Vick said that he has already forgiven Cooper. Of course, what do you expect a person who has asked for forgiveness more times than I can count to say? Vick’s brother, Marcus, was not quite as forgiving.

Neither was LeSean McCoy, who said that the hardest part of this mess involving Cooper is that he lost a friend, because he “can’t respect a guy like that.” He did go on to say that he did forgive his teammate, although things will never be the same.

“It’s new and hopefully it wears off, but at this point, I speak for myself and other teammates, it’s definitely different,” said the Eagles’ running back. “Coop was one of my good friends on this team, and I just feel like it was a matter of thinking that nobody was watching, and that’s when a person shows who they really are. That’s exactly what took place.”

Cooper may have been friends with many players on the team over his first three seasons in Philadelphia, but he has not exactly set the world on fire. In 40 career games, Cooper has just 46 total receptions for 679 yards and five touchdowns. He was expected to assume a larger role in 2013 with the devastating loss of Jeremy Maclin for the entire upcoming season, but it will be interesting to see how things play out in what will already be an intriguing season in Philadelphia.

As of now, I do not expect to see the Eagles release Cooper. People are trying to compare this to the Aaron Hernandez situation with the New England Patriots. They are not the same. They are not even close. While I do believe that the Eagles would be entirely justified in releasing Cooper, I do not feel as if first year NFL head coach Chip Kelly will make such a bold move. His Eagles already lost their No. 2 receiver along side Desean Jackson, and cannot afford to cut the player who is expected to take his place. Kelly will not want to rock the boat before the season even begins.

Had it been Andy Reid, well, we may have been looking at a different story.

You just never know.



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