NFL Trade Rumors Involving Larry Fitzgerald, Hakeem Nicks, Darren McFadden, Josh Gordon All Unlikely

The 2013 NFL Trade Deadline is just over a day away, and many elite players have been mentioned as possible trade candidates. If any of them are to get dealt, it must happen by Tuesday afternoon. Among the NFL trade rumors we have heard, I just don’t see many of them happening, for one reason or another. Sure, it is fun to speculate whether or not the Arizona Cardinals will trade Larry Fitzgerald. It would be interesting to see the New York Giants trade Hakeem Nicks. It could make sense to watch the Oakland Raiders trade Darren McFadden, much like it would for the Jacksonville Jaguars to trade Maurice Jones-Drew, the Minnesota Vikings to trade Jared Allen and the Cleveland Browns to trade Josh Gordon.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any of those aforementioned players changing teams or switching uniforms by Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Jason La Canfora can drop as many rumors as he wants. Like Fitzgerald said, he has “no control” over any of these rumors. It is the fans and the media who fuel the trade fires. We have no idea whether or not teams are discussing any of these big names. It may make sense to us and to the players on the field, but in terms of what it does from a business standpoint is outside of our understanding.

So, will the Atlanta Falcons trade Tony Gonzalez? Probably not. While we did see the Indianapolis Colts trade for Trent Richardson, big names are rarely dealt during the NFL season, or at all. And, after watching how much Richardson has struggled since being traded from the Browns, I doubt any other big names will be sent packing over the next day or two.

Now, granted, that does not mean that we may not see a couple of minor deals. It is more than possible that the Tennessee Titans trade Kenny Britt, or the Washington Redskins trade Fred Davis or perhaps, the New Orleans Saints trade Mark Ingram. That is, if they can find any suckers who will give up even a conditional draft pick on such a gamble.

And that is why we will all likely be disappointed by the activity – or lack thereof – during another lackluster NFL Trade Deadline.


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