WE RULE – Week 10 Wrap-up / Week 11 Preview

We’re doing this week a day early due to life getting in the way of our normal schedule (again… maybe this is the new normal?)!
6 Miles… Holy crap that’s hard to stay motivated and push yourself.  I felt like every time I looked I had gone half the distance I though I would have!  I had no desire to run 6 miles and I have found that we are not pushing each other like we were before as much.  We’re finding ourselves really short on time with the little munchkin and it makes it really difficult to want to run instead of hang out with her.  We’re working out the kinks of longer runs.

DAY 69 of 280 – 6 MILE RUN – RESULTS

Name Distance Time Pace
Dan 6 mi 1:02:03 10:20
Shan 6 mi 52:41 8:47

I was determined to kick butt, NAILED IT!    I broke the 8 min/mi barrier.  I’ll wait for a minute until you are done being impressed… It doesn’t happen very often so I celebrate any time I beat the Gazelle.  She’s a hell of a runner and I deserve to celebrate when I beat her!  I think it’s fair to say we both kicked butt on Sunday before the little peanut’s Halloween party.
DAY 70 of 280 – 3 MILE RUN – RESULTS

Name Distance Time Pace
Dan 3 23:35 7:51
Shan 3 25:36 8:32

WEEK 11 DAY 2 – 5 MILES [A day early…]
I finally got home at a reasonable time today so we decided to run together today instead of tomorrow.  That also allowed my parents some alone time with the little bundle so neither of us had to push the stroller for 5 miles.  Talk about a win-win scenario!  I actually felt great the whole run besides a small cut on my toe that started to bother me around mile 3.  I really like our route and the hills keep it challenging.  I’m hoping we have a mild winter so we can run outside a lot more often than not.  Let’s go global warming! (Disclaimer: I’m not “for” global warming”)
DAY 72 of 280 – 5 MILE RUN – RESULTS

Name Distance Time Pace
Dan 5 46:53 9:22
Shan 5 46:53 9:22

How are you staying motivated to run after a long day at work?
Please remember to leave your time in the comments!
We’ve also signed up for the The Rock and Brew Fest 5K this week (Saturday November 2nd is the date of the race). If anyone else would like to join us we’d love to have some more people running with us! Details below:
Race ONLY: $25
Beer Tasting ONLY: $40
Pre-Registered Combo: $45
Race Day Combo: $50
Combo Includes Half Price Admission To Beer Tasting
Beer tasting includes free beer glass for all participants.

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