Weekend Wrap-up – Week 8 Days 6 & 7: 5/3 Miles – Results

After last week’s triumphs we felt great… that is until our little bundle of joy decided that 3am was an appropriate time to wake up for the day.  The lack of sleep coupled with head colds and still feeling sore from the race weekend led us to the point of 0 motivation to run on Tuesday.  Unfortunately that carried over into Thursday as well and we more or less took the week off until Saturday
After not running all week it felt GREAT to finally be back at it again.  That and our bodies were well rested and the colds mostly passed.  We did stick to the treadmill as we hadn’t mapped out an outdoor 5 mile route yet and were concerned whether or not the little peanut could last the whole run with us.  Shan set out to run as fast as possible.  I was watching Leverage on DVD and just took a nice leisurely trot to ease back into running.

DAY 55 of 280 – 5 MILE RUN – RESULTS

Name Distance Time Pace
Dan 5 mi 48:34 9:43
Shan 5 mi 43:49 8:46

I definitely started the day off wanting to beat the Gazelle but I did push her a bit as she told me she would “be back in 26 minutes” to which I replied “Really? I thought you’d be faster…”.  That certainly got her motivated and she did pretty darn good.  I was happy she chose to run first as it let me know exactly what pace I had to run at to beat her, and I did!  She legitimately did not believe me when I told her that I beat her let alone by more than a couple of seconds.  All in all we had a nice weekend!
How was your weekend?

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DAY 56 of 280 – 3 MILE RUN – RESULTS

Name Distance Time Pace
Dan 3 Miles
24:34 8:11
Shan 3 Miles 25:12 8:24

We’ve also signed up for the The Rock and Brew Fest 5K this week (Saturday November 2nd is the date of the race). If anyone else would like to join us we’d love to have some more people running with us! Details below:
Race ONLY: $25
Beer Tasting ONLY: $40
Pre-Registered Combo: $45
Race Day Combo: $50
Combo Includes Half Price Admission To Beer Tasting
Beer tasting includes free beer glass for all participants.

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