Should NFL Contract Entire State Of Florida And Rid Itself Of Jaguars, Buccaneers And Dolphins?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-8 in 2013. They just lost their best player on the team. Not to an injury, but rather to a suspension and rehab. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also 0-8. They have a head coach who has lost the locker room and been accused of bullying tactics. The Miami Dolphins were the state of Florida’s lone bright spot at 4-4. That is, until it was revealed that at least one player was bullying at least one other player while coaches and players and front office executives either ignorantly were unaware or did nothing to stop it. With a combined record 4-20 and with all three franchises making up three of the most poorly run organizations in the entire league, should the NFL just go ahead and contract the entire state of football?

Think about the benefits. Fewer teams would make for greater competition. Taking away three or more teams from the league would make the other 27 or 26 rosters that much better. Plus, a move such as this would actually boost the overall averages for the NFL, as the fan base in Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami dwindles by the thousands each and every year. Professional sports franchises in the state of Florida just do not do all that well. Their ignorant supporters can say that it is because the teams are struggling, but that has absolutely nothing to do with it. The only thing people in Florida care about is high school and college sports. And car caring.

If you call that a sport.

Florida fans are pathetic when it comes to supporting professional sports teams. Say what you want about what happens when teams actually win, such as the Miami Heat in the NBA, but even they do not have a loyal – or knowledgeable – fan base. The Tampa Bay Rays have been perennial winners in MLB, yet their attendance is embarrassing.

And don’t even get me started about hockey.

But, forgetting about the other teams in other leagues, what if the NFL was  the first league to get the ball rolling and just go out and get rid of all of the teams in Florida? Perhaps, MLB could realize its mistake and move or contract the Rays and Miami Marlins. Nobody would even care. The NHL can scrap the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers. I think even fewer people would care about that. The Heat and Orlando Magic may draw well, and the former even wins, but would that many people miss either team?

Really, its the NBA, so who truly cares?

Joking aside, as I know that none of these teams from any league will actually be considered for contraction, it would make sense for the NFL to step in and do something when it comes to professional sports in the state of Florida. If the NFL wants a team in London and Los Angeles, perhaps the Jaguars should be the first team up for consideration for relocation. Move them to either city, and then consider doing the same to the Bucs. Give the Dolphins a chance to clean up everything both on and off the field, but send them a message that this will not fly.

Covering things up is not dealing with them.

Neither is pretending that the state of Florida deserves to have any professional sports teams.


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