Will Pittsburgh Steelers Trade Ben Roethlisberger To Arizona Cardinals?

Ben Roethlisberger s reportedly so upset with the direction of the Pittsburgh Steelers that he is likely to ask for a trade out of the Steel City after the 2013 NFL season. At 2-6, the Steelers will not be playing in the playoffs for a second consecutive season, causing the frustration levels of many within the organization to rise, although nobody appears to be more displeased than Big Ben. With that being said, if the quarterback threatens to hold out or retire unless he is dealt – a la Carson Palmer, could the Steelers trade Roethlisberger to the Arizona Cardinals, where he would ironically replace the player who forced the Cincinnati Bengals to once deal him to the Oakland Raiders after sitting out a season in protest.

It was also reported by NFL.com that Pittsburgh fielded trade offers for their franchise quarterback after last season, although were not convinced enough by any of the deals to pull the trigger. The Steelers say it is not their intent to trade Roethlisberger this postseason either, although, they may not have a choice.

If the team does indeed look to move Roethlisberger this offseason, look for the Cardinals to be the first team to place a phone call. The head coach in Arizona, provided he makes it through this season and beyond, is Bruce Arians, who was Roethlisberger’s offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh prior to Todd Haley arriving on the scene. It can be argued that Roethlisberger enjoyed his greatest level of success under Arians the first time around, making this a seamless transition for both.

That is, if the Steelers decide to give in to Roethlisberger’s demands and trade him after another disappointing season in Pittsburgh. Arizona knows full well that Palmer is not the answer, and would likely become extremely interested if Pittsburgh were to place Big Ben on the trading block.


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