Discover Fan Loyalty Poll: Fans Cheering For Orange Bowl Matchup Of Clemson Tigers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

The 2014 Discover Orange Bowl is now just around four weeks away, although we are only two more days away from learning which two teams will face off in Miami on January 3. That decision will come from the BCS Committee following the Week 15 games highlighted by the conference championship games. While none of the BCS Bowl Games have been decided entering this weekend, all will be finalized by Sunday night. The BCS Championship Game is the most prestigious college football game, with the national championship on the line for the final time under the current BCS format, but the Orange Bowl is the next biggest game, as it gets first pick as to which BCS at-large team it will invite. The ACC Champion would get the automatic bid, although if the Florida State Seminoles defeat the Duke Blue Devils in the ACC Championship Game and advance to the BCS Championship Game on January 6 in Pasadena, then the Orange Bowl can select two teams from any conference. Although, if you listen to the fans who have cheered on their champs in the Discover Orange Bowl vote, the majority of them are still rooting for some ACC representation, as the matchup for which fans are rooting the most happens to be a game pitting the Clemson Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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Of course, you can join the conversation and voice your opinion on which team you want to see in this season’s Discover Orange Bowl. Its simple. Just keep in mind that while the most fans are pulling to see Clemson or Alabama in Miami, you can vote for whichever team you want! You can either jump on board and join the rest by showing your support for either Clemson or Alabama, or you can try to get up the numbers for some of the other teams. Maybe you live in Big 10 country and will be rooting for either the Ohio State Spartans or Michigan State Spartans to receive an invitation to the big game on January 3. What about pulling for a sleeper such as the Northern Illinois Huskies to make it consecutive appearances in the Discover Orange Bowl? You can root for them as well, especially if they defeat the Bowling Green Falcons in tonight’s MAC Championship Game. Whoever you root for, make your feelings known!

Through an interactive social media dashboard at, fans can monitor just how socially active their fan base is through a real-time conversation meter that builds based on volume of messages fans send with team specific hashtags/keywords or #DiscoverOrangeBowl. The conversation before December 9th focuses on who fans think will earn a berth in the Discover Orange Bowl Friday, January 3, 2014. After the teams are selected, the conversation will shift to focus on the fan bases of the teams who earned a berth in the Discover Orange Bowl. From now through December 9, fans have the option to share their fan-centric photos via Instagram, tweet for their team or recruit their friends via Facebook—all in the name of cheering for their favorite college football team online. But don’t think there won’t be competition; fans can also monitor the ongoing fan conversation on the dashboard which tracks team related hashtags and keywords, including #DiscoverOrangeBowl.

With that being said, if you root for any of the teams mentioned so far in this article, or if you just want to let the world know how much you support your favorite college football team, regardless of how their 2013 season finished, then you had better prove it by visiting the website and casting your vote. But, don’t just stop there. Tweet it, shout it out on Facebook and display it all over Facebook! After all, fans of the other teams will, so you better make sure to represent for your favorite college football team!

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Fans are encouraged to visit to view how their “socially supportive” their own fan base is and encourage their fellow fans to contribute an Instagram photo, tweet or ‘like’ to show support for their favorite college football team.

1.       Use #DiscoverOrangeBowl in social content to cheer on their teams or vote for their match up (Now-December 8, 2013)

a.       Photo Upload – Include following message on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram (mobile only): Would love to see my #Spartans in this year’s #DiscoverOrangeBowl!
b.      Twitter – I’m excited that #Alabama may be headed to this year’s #DiscoverOrangeBowl! #RollTide
c.       Facebook – Include following message in text box: My vote for the #DiscoverOrangeBowl is #Clemson! #SolidOrange #GoTigers

2.       Visit the site and share socially from there:

a.       Enter your top pick for the Discover Orange Bowl as part of the GameDay Leaderboard
b.      Share your College Football Photos, in support of your GameDay pick
c.       Tweet for your team
d.      Recruit your friends

So, are you a true fan? Will you cheer on your team and help try to get them to the Discover Orange Bowl? Let me hear you! And I’m not just talking to fans from Clemson and Alabama. They are definitely doing more than their part. I want to see some other fan bases help increase their favorite team’s numbers and see if anyone can pass either Alabama or Clemson by the end of the weekend when the bowl games are all announced.

After you cheer on your team and let the world know which team should play in this season’s Discover Orange Bowl in Miami on January 3, 2014, make sure to check back with us following the official announcement of the matchup to see how you can take your support to the next level. Phase One is attempting to get your team into the big game. Phase Two will include cheering on your team against the opposition!

Make sure that you stay tuned to Boston Super Blog for all of the latest polls and results from the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll. We have got you covered throughout the remainder of the 2013 college football season, leading all the way up to the BCS Championship Game! Make sure to Like Discover on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

The Discover Fan Loyalty Poll is conducted twice a month by Rasmussen Reports, a nationally recognized leader in polling, who gathers sentiment by phone from 1500 college football fans who follow games at least once per week on television, radio, in person or online. The Poll leads up to the 2014 Discover Orange Bowl. Discover’s commitment to college football includes relationships with ESPN and Notre Dame Football on NBC.

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