Alex Rodriguez Has Too Big Of An Ego To Do The Right Thing And Simply Walk Away From MLB

In the ongoing saga of Alex Rodriguez vs. Major League Baseball, there are simply no winners. Taking a look at both sides, each got something for which they were hoping. A-Rod got a lesser suspension after the arbitrator reduced it from 211 games to 162 games. MLB got what it wanted, which was to see the New York Yankees mega-diva out of the game, even if it is not for as long as they had wished. But, in the long run, there are truly no winners. Rodriguez still has a lousy image that can never be changed, and MLB still has a performance enhancing drug problem that will seemingly never be erased. The entire game would benefit from the permanent removal of A-Rod from the game, but he simply has too big of an ego to do the right thing and walk away from MLB once and for all.

But, alas, that is not Alex.

Rodriguez said that he will take this matter to the federal courts and never stop fighting. He accuses MLB and Bud Selig of unfair treatment and has proclaimed his innocence from the start of this latest investigation. He will continue to fight, but he will continue to lose.

So will MLB. So will the game of baseball. So will the fans.

As I said, there are no winners in this case.

Rodriguez will not go away, as much as MLB and perhaps even the Yankees would like to see happen. Baseball wants him gone. The Yankees would love to have the money owed to Rodriguez through the 2017 MLB season freed up to pursue players who may actually still have some talent left and who could actually help the team win. But, despite the fact that the 39-year-old A-Rod has had declining skills for the past few seasons, and that he has more than enough money to walk away and go off into the sunset and avoid future image tarnishing, he has something that prevents everyone from being happy.

An ego the size of New York’s payroll and MLB’s drug problem.

Yes, he never failed a drug test since he was with the Yankees. He never failed one since Biogenesis was operating, regardless of his connections to the company and what Anthony Bosch maintains to be true. I still have no idea how that is true, because we all know that Rodriguez has probably been tested more than any other player. With that being said, I do understand why he is unhappy with the decision to accept his 162 game suspension that will cost him the entire 2014 MLB regular season as well as the postseason, if the Yankees are fortunate enough to qualify.

Still, at this point, everyone wishes he would just man up and do the right thing. Show some respect. At this point, I really don’t care who is lying. Rodriguez. Bosch. Selig. It doesn’t matter. A-Rod needs to show some respect to the game that helped make him a billionaire and walk away.

But, again, his ego is preventing that from happening. His ego is preventing baseball from moving forward from this case. His ego is preventing the Yankees from escaping perhaps the worst contract in the history of the game. His ego is preventing the game from cleaning up its already stained image.

And, finally, his ego is preventing the fans from being able to focus more on enjoying the on-field product.

Of course, that is true of more than just Rodriguez’s ego. Many factors are preventing fans from focusing on what takes place on the diamond. He is just a very small portion of the ongoing problem when it comes to MLB and image.


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