Should Miami Dolphins Hire Dan Marino To Help Turn Around Once-Proud NFL Franchise?

The Miami Dolphins are a complete and utter mess. From what happened in the locker room to how things ended this past NFL season, there are few things for which Dolphins fans can be proud. Ever since Stephen Ross purchased the team, they have been nothing more than a laughing-stock. From celebrity owners to idiot general managers to a consistent loser on the gridiron, it is time for a change in Miami. And I am not talking about the uniforms. That was done last season, although I would be all for another alteration. Let’s just say that last year’s new design is not cutting it.

While Miami has been struggling for quite some time, it is safe to say that the team has not been a Super Bowl contender since Dan Marino was slinging it around over 15 years ago. The NFL is clearly a quarterback-driven league, and Ryan Tannehill is still developing. Whether or not he ever leads the Dolphins back to the NFL Playoffs remains to be seen. But, perhaps with the right tutelage, Tannehill may take that next step forward. With Marino out of a job with CBS, maybe he and Ross could get on the same page, leading to the Dolphins hiring Marino in some capacity so that he can finally make the return that many have been hoping for since he retired.

The problem is, it is unlikely.

Josh Katzowitz of CBS Sports said that the Dolphins and Marino discussed a position two years ago, but nothing came to fruition. He also added that neither side closed the door on a possible reunion down the road. Many in Miami hope that if Marino does come on board, that he could quickly turn around a once-proud franchise in a similar way that John Elway transformed the Denver Broncos into a Super Bowl team. Of course, it helped that Elway was able to convince Peyton Manning to sign with the Broncos over the Dolphins and others. Still, he has done a fantastic job in running the Broncos.

Marino would unlikely assume that sort of role, although it would not be because he would be against such a move.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald said that while Marino would love such a role, Ross is unlikely to give up that much power. Which is at least somewhat surprising, considering the fact that Ross is a business man, and not a football guy. That has become abundantly clear since he took over, as he has continually put the wrong people in a position of power.

Still, whether or not Ross wants to bring in Marino to have some sort of role with the team will remain unknown, at least for the time being. It would be a smart move, if for no other reason than from a publicity stunt, as it may bring back some jilted Dolphins fans from years past. And, if we are being completely honest, is there any NFL team in more desperate need of doing something to create positive news than the Dolphins?

Consider it, Mr. Ross.


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