The Road To MetLife Stadium: Best Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Not Great, But Still Better Than The Game

The Road To MetLife Stadium was supposed to feature a matchup of the greatest offense of all-time against the toughest defense in recent history. And while the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks entered Super Bowl XLVIII with those distinctions, they did not help the game live up to the hype, with Seattle destroying Denver by a final score of 43-8. In my opinion, it was one of the worst – if not the worst – Super Bowls in NFL history. With that being said, obviously, most people shifted their focus to the commercials. While I still feel that the overall quality of the Super Bowl XLVIII commercials were not great, at least some of them clearly topped the game itself.

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’m working as part of the Road to MetLife Stadium Preferred Blogger Program. Throughout the year I’ll be receiving special access to MetLife events and be conducting reader giveaways, with prizes provided by MetLife and Sony Electronics. However, no payment was given or expected for posting about the program, and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.

While many people may disagree, here are the top 10 Super Bowl XLVIII commercials, in my humble opinion:

10. Doritos: Time Machine – Clearly, the best homemade ad in Doritos recent history.
9. Intuit: Goldie Box – Cute, especially considering what it took to make it happen.
8. Dannon: The Spill – Had higher hopes for the Full House Reunion.
7. Microsoft: Technology – If only we used technology for more good than evil.
6. Chevy: Celebrate Cancer Survivors – Took awhile to get there, but sweet in the end.
5. Toyota: Muppets – Hey, it’s the Muppets. It has to make the top 10.
4. RadioShack: 80s return – Hulk Hogan. Cliff Claven. A.L.F. Enough said.
3. Budweiser: Adoptable Puppy – Didn’t make me cry like last year’s Clydesdale, but still cute.
2. Budweiser: Coming Home – Not as hyped as the puppies, but more heartfelt overall.
1. Cheerios: Family Addition – Not as much talk as there should be, but very well done.

Hulk Hogan, Cliff Claven and A.L.F. How can that not be awesome?

Hulk Hogan, Cliff Claven and A.L.F. How can that not be awesome?

What are your favorite commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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Finally, in case you have not yet seen the video of NFL players – both past and present – signing a collaborative version of the National Anthem, then what are you waiting for? I must admit that I went into it expecting to have some laughs, but these guys were pretty impressive. Current players such as Justin Tuck and Josh Brown of the New York Giants, Greg Jennings of the Minnesota Vikings and Nick Mangold of the New York Jets, as well as former stars including Emmitt Smith and Eddie George all got together to put out quite an impressive rendition of the National Anthem. If you have not yet seen it, make sure to check it out by clicking here.

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