NFL Rumors: After Replacing Aqib Talib With Darrelle Revis, Will New England Patriots Sign Steve Smith?

The New England Patriots did not wait long after watching Aqib Talib sign with the Denver Broncos to find a replacement in the defensive secondary. In what should be seen as an upgrade, the Patriots went out and signed Darrelle Revis to a one year deal worth $12 million, basically eliminating any risk whatsoever. New England does not have to worry about Revis becoming a malcontent after this season, as the two can part ways if they desire. Signing Revis is a very good move by the Patriots, as they needed to replace Talib in the secondary with a Pro-Bowl caliber. With that mission accomplished, will New England finally shift its attention to the offensive side of the ball and give Tom Brady a new weapon to replace the potentially soon-to-be departed Julian Edelman? While we know that the team will not go out and sign a marquee wide receiver at top of the market value, could the Patriots sign Steve Smith after the Carolina Panthers are expected to release their best offensive player in franchise history?

After seeing the Pats sign Revis, anything is possible.

New England needs some help on offense. With Brady only having another couple of years or so remaining while he is still at the top of his game, it makes sense for the Patriots to go the route of the Broncos and demonstrate an ‘all-in’ mentality for the next two seasons. The Broncos may be coming off of an embarrassing 43-8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, but they know that they still have a great shot to get back to the big game next season. Also knowing that their window is closing, the Broncos went out and signed Talib, DeMarcus Ware and T.J. Ward to shore up the defense. While Denver watched Eric Decker sign with the New York Jets, the Broncos should have enough offensive firepower to find themselves as heavy favorites to at least return to the AFC Championship Game, where a rematch with the Patriots may loom large.

New England may not sign Smith. They may sign Hakeem Nicks, unless the Panthers get to him first to replace Smith. Then again, the Patriots may not sign any of the big name free agent wide receivers on the open market. They may opt for a Brandon LaFell or Jacoby Ford or hope to resurrect the career or a player such as Santonio Holmes or Kenny Britt for far less money. Truth be told, New England needs a bigger receiver to play outside, although Smith would fill a need to replace Edelman. If the Patriots really want to win now, signing Smith and Nicks may be a decent idea.

Even though that is highly unlikely to happen.


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