NFL Rumors: Do Not Expect To See Philadelphia Eagles Trade DeSean Jackson To New England Patriots

DeSean Jackson is a very talented NFL wide receiver. As we have seen, Jackson is capable of beating his defender off the line of scrimmage as well as burning him down the field. A deep threat who can also go across the middle of the field, Jackson is extremely gifted. He is also a stubborn diva who comes with a bad contract. Due to the latter, CSN Philly is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles would love to trade Jackson. Rumors are swirling that the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers have inquired as to what it may cost to acquire Jackson, and reports are that the Eagles are looking for at least a third-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, and perhaps another conditional pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Despite their propensity to bring in the “reformed bad boys,” do not expect to see the Patriots trade for Jackson.

Simply put, it wouldn’t make any sense.

First off, the Patriots inquire about every player reportedly on the trading block. They are like the New York Yankees of the NFL, going out and doing their due diligence on every player who could possibly help their team. That does not translate to a level of serious or even legitimate interest.

Jackson is a coach’s nightmare. He also does not come with a cap-friendly contract, making him also a general manager’s worst friend.

Jackson does put up solid numbers. That cannot be disputed. But he can also be inconsistent, distracted and disinterested. He is overpaid, even at wide receiver, and we all know that the Patriots will not go out of their way to overpay for any player, especially a wide receiver. On top of that, Jackson is built in a similar mold as Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman. Why add a third homunculus at wide receiver? If anything, this team could have used a wideout more like Hakeem Nicks or James Jones.

Either way, while New England may “make sense” for a few reasons as a potential landing spot for Jackson, do not expect to see the Eagles trade Jackson to the Patriots any time soon. They may be more inclined to go after him if Philadelphia released him, but even that would be a long-shot.


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