2014 NFL Draft Rumors: Don’t Buy Hype Of Dallas Cowboys Trading Up To Draft Johnny Manziel

With the 2014 NFL Draft just over a week away, the rumors are running rampant involving all 32 teams. Which team will look to move up in the first round? Which team may trade out of the first round? Which prospect will be selected No. 1 overall? Which quarterback will go off the board first? At this point, everyone has their own opinion and thought as to what will happen in Round 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft on May 8. You can even count CBS Sports leaf NFL announcer Jim Nantz as one of those such people, and he believes that while they may currently hold the No. 16 pick in next Thursday’s first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Jerry Jones will do everything possible to put his team in a position to draft former Texas A&M Aggies Heisman winning quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

“I can say this, he’s [Manziel’s] going to be the guy everyone wants to see,” said Nantz. “I’ve heard this rumor for a month — the Cowboys will figure out a way to get Manziel. Wherever Manziel goes, there is going to be more clamoring about Johnny Manziel than there would be about Blake Bortles going No. 1 or (Jadeveon) Clowney going No. 1, or anyone else. This is a guy that there’s just a tremendous interest in everything he does.”

I respect Nantz. I think he is a fantastic broadcaster and announcer, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I just don’t buy the hype surrounding Manziel and the Cowboys. To me, it makes no sense.

Let me also make it clear that I am not saying that Tony Romo is the answer at quarterback for the Cowboys. He is getting older, he is injury prone and he often comes up short with the game on the line. Romo is 34-years-old and still has a couple of big years left on his contract. While there are teams out there who see Manziel as a capable starting NFL quarterback, just as many see him as a sideshow who may primarily be brought in to sell tickets.

The Cowboys do not have a ticket problem. They may have a quarterback problem. They certainly have an owner problem, at least in terms of having the wrong people making the biggest decisions, beginning with Jones himself. Manziel would not solve any issues for the Cowboys in 2014. All he would to is create a quarterback controversy that the Cowboys simply do not need.

If Dallas is seriously considering drafting Romo’s future successor, they would be far better suited doing so by either trading down in the first round, or drafting a quarterback in the second or even third round, where there looks to be much better value.



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