2014 NFL Win Totals Project Seahawks And Broncos Win Most Games, With Jaguars On The Clock

The Las Vegas Hilton has released the 2014 Over/Under win totals for all 32 teams entering the upcoming 2014 NFL regular season. At first glance, one would notice that last year’s Super Bowl XLVIII participants – the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos – are projected with the highest Over/Under win total at 11 games each. The two teams that the Seahawks and Broncos defeated in the conference championship games to advance to The Road To MetLife Stadium – the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots – are next on the list at 10.5 games. While those are the best of the best, we also have the worst of the worst. According to LVH, the Jacksonville Jaguars have the best odds of picking first in the 2015 NFL Draft, with a projected win total of just 4.5 games. Little is also expected from the Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings, who are predicted to win 5 and 6 games, respectively, proving that Vegas does not favor teams who drafted rookie quarterbacks. For those who are interested, the Cleveland Browns are at 6.5 games, so, good luck with all that to Johnny Manziel.

Here is a look at the Over/Under win totals for all 32 teams as they prepare to enter the 2014 NFL season:

Denver Broncos — 11
Seattle Seahawks — 11
New England Patriots — 10.5
San Francisco 49ers — 10.5
Green Bay Packers — 10
New Orleans Saints — 9.5
Indianapolis Colts — 9.5
Cincinnati Bengals — 9
Philadelphia  Eagles — 9
Baltimore Ravens — 8.5
Pittsburgh Steelers — 8.5
Detroit Lions — 8
Chicago Bears — 8
Atlanta Falcons — 8
Carolina Panthers — 8
Kansas City Chiefs — 8
San Diego Chargers — 8
Dallas Cowboys — 8
Miami Dolphins — 8
Houston Texans — 7.5
New York Giants — 7.5
Arizona Cardinals — 7.5
St. Louis Rams — 7.5
Washington Redskins — 7.5
Tennessee Titans — 7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers — 7
New York Jets — 7
Cleveland Browns — 6.5
Buffalo Bills — 6.5
Minnesota Vikings — 6
Oakland Raiders — 5
Jacksonville Jaguars — 4.5

It is still far too early to make too many bold predictions, but I will say that I think the total is fairly low for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets, while I see the expectations a bit too high for the Detroit Lions and New York Giants.

What are your thoughts?


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