2015 Super Bowl Odds: Post NFL Draft Odds See Patriots and Bears Jump, While Eagles, Panthers, Ravens And Bengals Drop


We may be just days removed from the 2014 NFL Draft, but that does not prevent oddsmakers from coming up with lines for the 2015 Super Bowl. Following one of the most historic drafts in NFL history, only five teams saw their odds rise in terms of being favored to reach Super Bowl XLIX, while 11 teams saw their chances drop. Some may come as a bit of a surprise, while others are completely understandable. Many teams who were already toward the top prior to the 2014 NFL Draft did not see a change, including the two teams who played in Super Bowl XLVIII in MetLife Stadium, with the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks remaining at 6-1, and the Denver Broncos still at 7-1.

The New England Patriots were the highest team to see a change, rising from 9-1 to 15-2. It is a mild increase, which comes as a bit of a surprise, considering the Patriots drafted another Florida Gators player with a history of injuries, as well as the apparent heir to the quarterback throne once Tom Brady retires. Instead of arming Brady with more weapons right now, as he reaches the twilight of his career, New England instead decided to build for the future.

The Chicago Bears were one of the biggest movers, going from No. 10 all the way up to No. 6, after seeing their odds of reaching Super Bowl XLIX go from 28-1 to 20-1. Apparently, oddsmakers really like Kyle Fuller.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers suffered slight drops, with the Eagles going from 18-1 to 22-1 and the Panthers falling from 25-1 to 28-1. Six NFL teams went from 33-1 to 40-1, including the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans and San Diego Chargers. I am not saying that any of these teams will play in the 2015 Super Bowl in Arizona, but I happen to have especially liked the drafts of the Ravens, Bengals and Texans. I don’t really understand the drops of many of these teams.

Also dropping were the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams, who fell from 40-1 to 50-1 after the draft. The Lions may not have addressed some of their biggest needs, but they selected some solid players in Eric Ebron and Kyle Van Noy. The Rams appear to have had one of the better drafts, capitalizing one more time on the trade with the Washington Redskins from two years ago.

The Vikings and Jaguars were the two biggest risers in 2015 Super Bowl odds following successful 2014 NFL Drafts, but that does not mean that we should bet on either team to be playing in February.

The Vikings and Jaguars were the two biggest risers in 2015 Super Bowl odds following successful 2014 NFL Drafts, but that does not mean that we should bet on either team to be playing in February.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings saw the biggest change in odds in a positive way, with the Jags rising from 100-1 from 150-1, and the Vikes jumping from 66-1 to 50-1. Both teams feel they have selected their future franchise quarterbacks, with Jacksonville drafting Blake Bortles and Minnesota trading up to take Teddy Bridgewater after already drafting Anthony Barr earlier in Round 1.

Here is a look at the updated odds, thanks to CBSSports.com:

Team FA Odds (3/18)
Post Draft Odds
Team FA Odds
Post-Draft Odds
Seahawks 6-1 6-1 Cowboys 40-1 40-1
Broncos 7-1 7-1 Texans 33-1 40-1
Patriots 9-1 15-2 Giants 40-1 40-1
49ers 15-2 15-2 Chargers
33-1 40-1
Packers 10-1 10-1 Browns 50-1 50-1
Bears 28-2 20-1 Lions 40-1 50-1
Colts 20-1 20-1 Dolphins 50-1 50-1
Saints 22-1 20-1 Rams
40-1 50-1
Eagles 18-1 22-1 Vikings 66-1 50-1
Panthers 25-1 28-1 Buccaneers 50-1 50-1
Chiefs 33-1 33-1 Redskins 50-1 50-1
Steelers 33-1 33-1 Jets 66-1 66-1
Cardinals 33-1 40-1 Bills 75-1 75-1
Falcons 33-1 40-1 Titans 75-1 75-1
Ravens 33-1 40-1 Jaguars 150-1 100-1
Bengals 33-1 40-1 Raiders 75-1 100-1
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