The Way Rory McIlroy Treated Caroline Wozniaki Proves He Is More Like Tiger Woods Than We Knew

Anyone who knows me or has frequented Boston Super Blog to read my editorials knows that I am not a fan of Tiger Woods. I never really was and, after learning what he did to his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, I dislike him even more now. While I openly root for Phil Mickelson – or any other golfer on the planet – against Woods, I have recently decided to add another PGA star to my list of players to root against. After thinking that Rory Mcilroy was a decent kid, after learning how he treated his now former fiancée Caroline Wozniaki, I have lost all respect for him as well.

By now, I am sure that you have heard the news. Just days after sending out the wedding invitations to hundreds of guests for a ceremony that was scheduled in November, McIlroy called off the engagement. It is not the first time he dumped the WTA Tennis star, including just a few months before they got engaged, reportedly because she posted a less-than-flattering picture of him on Twitter. The sports power couple had been together for two years at that point, but McIlroy that the picture was mean.

Apparently, he has a difficult time with a sense of humor.

But, this time is far worse.

McIlroy stated after this latest break-up, which one assumes will be permanent, that “everyone has been through break-ups.” He is absolutely right. Everyone has been through break-ups. The thing is, not as many people have been through break-ups after getting engaged. Even fewer have been through break-ups just a few days after sending out invitations to their own wedding.

But, even less in number are those who have been through break-ups that called off their wedding just days after the invitations were sent out…

And over the phone.

That is pretty low.

I would put that sort of behavior much in Woods’ wheelhouse. Doesn’t that sound like a slimy sort of thing that he would do to someone who cared deeply about him? I could see it.

Poor Wozniacki thought that the call was a joke. Hey, why not? She must understand more than anyone how McIlroy may possess a ‘unique’ sense of humor.

“Obviously, you’re not prepared for something like this and it came a bit as a shock,” Wozniacki said. “I just tried to prepare the best that I could, and really tried to focus on my match and on what I had to do out there.”

Wozniacki lost her first-round match in the French Open days after having her engagement ended disrespectfully by McIlroy. Adding insult to injury, McIlroy stormed back in this past weekend’s European PGA Tour event to capture his first win since November 2012. Wozniacki had not lost in the first round of the French Open since her tournament debut in 2007.

Together for years. Engaged for months. Due to marry shortly. McIlroy ended all of that with Wozniacki during a three-minute phone call.

I suppose, it could have been worse. Woods may have texted or sent an email.

After people were hoping for years that McIlroy would be more like Woods, we finally found out that, perhaps, he was all along.

Of course, not in a good way.




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