Become The Bacardi Untameable Fan And Win A Trip To The Country Whose Team Is Playing In The Final Match

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Every four years, the world comes together to witness one of the greatest sporting events on the planet. While the 2014  final cup may be taking place in Brazil, the excitement is buzzing throughout the world. Are you passionate and dedicated to supporting your teams by any means necessary? Do you live and die through the good and the bad with the teams and players you support and love, all while doing so in a non-overly boisterous, aggressive or rowdy way, like real fans should? Would you offer up your most prized possession for a trip to one of the countries whose team is playing in the final cup match, where you could experience the final game surrounded by some of the most loyal and dedicated fans in the world? If the answer is a resounding yes to the questions above, then prove it, all and  Enter to Win the BACARDÍ Untameable Fan contest! photo 5b977f56-e2c4-4347-acb9-53c9be9ddc2b_zpsceb0cd17.png

The contest is easy to enter. Go to the BACARDI Untameable Fan site and upload a photo of yourself along with the item you would be willing to sacrifice in order to win the trip. Is it a car? Is it a Mickey Mantle rookie card? Is it a Pele autographed photo? Whatever it is, make sure that you snap a photo and upload it to the site in order to enter and Make a Sacrifice. Like I said, it really is that easy!

If you know just how much I like pizza, then you would understand just how big of a sacrifice this is for me...

If you know just how much I like pizza, then you would understand just how big of a sacrifice this is for me…

What are you waiting for? For those who already have thousands of selfies saved on their smartphones or tablets, keep in mind that you have a much better chance of winning if you upload a photo of you and the item you would be willing to sacrifice. This is not just a selfie contest for all of the pretty people out there obsessed with taking pictures of themselves.

After you enter, make sure to check out the “Sacrifice Gallery” on the BACARDI Untameable Fan site to check out your competition. I know that I am a BACARDI Untameable Fan, as I root for my team through good times and bad. I root for my team, but not against their opponents. I remain respectful and classy throughout each and every game. If you are the same, then prove it by entering the BACARDI Untameable Fan contest!

The Cuba Libre is the official drink of BACARDI Untameable Fans, but you can check out the “Champion Cocktails” section to find out the recipe of your country’s drink!

Which country would you like to see win the final cup? Are you pulling for the home country of Brazil? Would you love to see a U.S. upset? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


 photo 5b977f56-e2c4-4347-acb9-53c9be9ddc2b_zpsceb0cd17.png

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