Celtics Moving On From Kevin Love Trade Talks, While Cavs And Bulls Ramp Up Effort To Acquire Timberwolves Star

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly confident that they will be able to put together a package that will enable them to satisfy the Minnesota Timberwolves enough so that they will be able to acquire Kevin Love. The Chicago Bulls are also ramping up efforts to make a move for Love, while the Golden State Warriors remain in play to pull off a deal, despite the split decisions in regard to trading Klay Thompson as part of any move. With these three teams seen as the favorites, it appears as if the Boston Celtics have pulled out of the race to acquire the double-double machine from Minnesota.

CSN New England is reporting that the Celtics will ‘move on’ from attempting to trade for Love. “The more teams step up and show interest in Love, the further Boston falls in the pack,” a source told CSNNE.com on Wednesday. “Danny’s a smart guy. He knows when to keep pushing for something and when to move on.”

The Celtics wanted to pair Love with Rajon Rondo, meaning Boston’s best player would not be a part of any offer. The best the Celtics could probably do would involve some sort of combination of Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, Marcus Smart and/or James Young. After hearing the rumors of what the other three teams are willing to offer, it comes as no surprise that the Celtics are moving on to other things.

The Cavs are supposedly dangling Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett – the past two No. 1 overall draft picks – as well as a future protected first round pick as well as possibly Dion Waiters. The Bulls are rumored to be considering presenting a package centered around Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott and others, while the Warriors want to deal Harrison Barnes and David Lee, yet are hesitant to move Thompson.

Either way, the Celtics would have zero chance of landing Love, at least after looking at the other offers on the table. Boston simply does not have enough on its roster to make a move for a player of Love’s caliber.

That means that unlike 2007, when Danny Ainge was able to acquire Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to go along with Rondo and Paul Pierce, Celtics’ fans should not expect any such major moves in 2014. None of those sorts of players will be walking through that door any time soon.

Right, Coach Pitino?


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