NFL Rumors: Will St. Louis Rams Sign Tim Tebow Following Sam Bradford Season-Ending ACL Injury?

Will the St. Louis Rams signs Tim Tebow after learning that starting quarterback Sam Bradford will once again miss another NFL season due to an ACL injury? That is the question on the minds of many Tebow-followers. After all, the season starts in less than two weeks, and Tebow is still in a booth preparing to talk about college football. The Rams need a starting quarterback with experience to lead a team with playoff aspirations in 2014. Tebow said that he is throwing the ball better than ever and still dreams of returning to the NFL as a starting quarterback. With all of that being said, should the Rams pick up the phone and reach out to Tebow to replace the injured Bradford?

While that may be the question of the cult followers who worship Tebow, the answer is clear.


Hell no.

No chance.

Not happening.

Tebow is not coming to St. Louis. He should not leave the analysts booth at all in the coming future, unless it is for a job working the sidelines as a reporter or if the Canadian Football League or Arena Football League comes calling. He is not an NFL quarterback, and real Rams fans have absolutely zero interest in their team signing Tebow.

Honestly, they would be better off with Brett Favre.

Shaun Hill is likely to start for the Rams in the 2014 NFL season opener. It is what makes the most sense. The Rams will not sign Tebow. They will not trade for Mark Sanchez or Ryan Mallett. They will also not give up enough to make an offer for Kirk Cousins. Christian Ponder is not coming to St. Louis, and neither is Josh Freeman. If the Rams can get their defense to step it up another notch, Hill will be enough to at least keep the team competitive.

After all, Kellen Clemens did it last season when Bradford went down. In my opinion, Hill is capable of at least putting up comparable numbers in 2014.

But, in terms of the Rams pushing for the playoffs? I just don’t see that happening.



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