WWE Rumors: Will Hulk Hogan Return For 1 More Match Vs. Brock Lesnar For WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

During a special episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE legend and Hall-of-Famer Hulk Hogan was invited to attend his 61st birthday party. After being introduced by “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Hogan was surrounded by former friends and foes in the ring, including “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndoff, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and nWo co-founders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. It was a great tribute to The Hulkster but, of course, it was interrupted toward the end of the night. New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar crashed the party and apparently decided to ad-lib a line that did not sit well with the most well-known professional wrestler of all-time. Which is quite ironic, as Lesnar rarely speaks. His ‘advocator’ and real-life friend, Paul Heyman, generally does all of the talking for the “Beast Incarnate.”

See for yourself, and you decide whether Lesnar’s crack at Hogan’s age was real or scripted.

According to TMZ, Hogan was upset with what he perceived as Lesnar crossing the line in front of Hogan’s wife and children. He decided to fire back.

“All I gotta say is Brock, I haven’t done anything to get in your way but if you keep throwing my name around I’m gonna get in your way,” Hogan said.

“You can’t say that stuff like you said Brock, in front of my wife and kids. It’s not cool brother. I know this is all entertainment. You know we’re supposed to have fun with it but when he starts throwing my name around, with my wife and my kids, it’s crossing the line.”

So, you can be the judge. Following the rumored ad-lib by Lesnar when he told Hogan, “Party’s over, Grandpa,” is this something personal backstage stemming from over a decade ago when the two began a rivalry in the ring? Or, is it an elaborate way to set up one more match for The Hulkster to come back and fight Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania?

Provided that match is not saved for Daniel Bryan, John Cena, The Undertaker or perhaps, Sting?

Only time will tell.

And, no, Hulk. I don’t mean Father Time. I don’t want you calling me out and asking “Whatcha gonna do, brother.” That is because I have no answers.



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