NBA Rumors: Could Boston Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo To Oklahoma City Thunder For Russell Westbrook?

With the 2014-2015 NBA season just over a month away, it is never too early to fuel the NBA trade rumors fire. While many teams will wait until the trade deadline to address their future, others see fit to make a move prior to the start of training camp in order to give their team a chance to build chemistry before the opening tip. With that being said, could we be looking at a blockbuster involving two of the best point guards in the game on the move for one another? That would certainly be the case if we do in fact see the Oklahoma City thunder trade Russell Westbrook to the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo. Now, whether or not anything materializes remains to be seen, but the speculation has already begun.

It is not a well-kept secret that Rondo is unlikely to remain in Boston past this next season. He is a free agent next year, and is unlikely to sign a long-term contract extension with the Celtics, given that their current rebuilding phase is not likely to end any time soon. It would be in the team’s best interest to trade him during the next 10 months instead of risking losing him for nothing next offseason.

With Westbrook, it is a bit different. He has a contract with the Thunder that goes well past the upcoming season. He is a much better scorer than Rondo, although neither is a great shooter. Rondo is far better at distributing the ball, especially when he is surrounded by a plethora of talent. He will not have that in Boston, but pairing him with Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka would be similar to when he was playing alongside Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. As for Westbrook, he would become the clear-cut No. 1 scoring option with the Celtics, all while helping youngsters such as Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk improve their all-around games.

Should this trade take place, it could make both teams better. Although, according to some, it would be the worst possible move for the Thunder to make going into the season. Where Westbrook is still more of a shoot-first, pass-second sort of point guard, I could see this trade working out for both teams. After all, it is not as if either has been tearing it up over the past couple of seasons. The Thunder are still a very good team, but they are not going to win an NBA championship as they stand right now. And as far as the Celtics are concerned, they are not going to have Rondo past next season anyway. Why not trade him now and see if they can reap the rewards. If things don’t work out with Westbrook, they could look to deal him down the road.


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